bnr_home_aprilThis is one rock solid must have software for your Mac and iPhone, period.

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Note: I’m advertising for them because they are giving us this for FREE, so this is my thank you to them.

I made a fool of my self :(

IMG_0336Since I left flickr I haven’t photograph that much, and that is one bad side from leaving flickr, does that mean I’ll give flickr another try? maybe, but that is not the subject now, I noticed yesterday afternoon some clouds in the sky and thought that would be a nice opportunity so I went back home asked the kids to get dressed check my camera batteries it had half life so I put it on the charger, cleaned my 12-24mm lens, check my filters and adapter, and packed them and took my kids with there bikes to shwaikh beach, Read the rest of this entry »

Internet on iPhone with Zain


I finally managed to get internet on my iPhone with Zain, one friend told me what Data I need to get from Zani and one good Zain operater got me what I want, the missing informations was The Cellular Data: Read the rest of this entry »

Vote for the best


Now you can vote for the 2009 People’s Choice for the PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris, if you like my work you can find it in the followinf filds: Read the rest of this entry »

What to do with you other photos


We all go out and shot so many photo, and we only come back with a few satisfactory results right? so what happens with the rest of the photos, some time I shot 100+, yes I delete the bad ones but still there are photos that I like but not good enought for the viewer post if I may say, you know, like the one above, so what can you do with them, most of you know that I use them on my desktop, but know I found a new thing, my iPhone! and here is how it looks:

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iPhone 3G


Remember this article “Apple or Nokia” well here is the update: I Got My iPhone 3G 🙂 Yes, I finally did, I had a set of rules for my self that I wont buy and iPhone before all of my rules are satisfied, and there were:

  1. The iPhone must be unlocked and I can update it with out any problems.
  2.  It must have full Arabic SMS support.
  3. If (God forbids) it gets broken, I would find some one to fix it.

after almost 2 years of the iPhone release, the top 2 were checked except the last one, but I was so desperate to buy a new mobile phone, after using my E90 for 2 years I needed more, more support and more creativity and software in my mobile, I need to take things from my desktop very easily, and what better device to so with better than the iPhone, but wait a minute, if it get’s broken I have to throw it in trash pin and buy another one! Read the rest of this entry »

From the Archive

I found a couple of my old photo’s from my begging stages, and here there are:

Water Tower.jpg


and these are 2 of my all times favorite.