The Critique

The Critique

When ever we take photos, we would love to here some comments about them, especially good ones, but that is not always the case, the critics not always understandable, they might not even know any thing about photography or they could now a thing or two but still not enough to understand your work, here are some types I have encountered from my humble experience: 

  • The Ignorant: the one who knows nothing about photography, and would say “nice” or “not nice” about your photo, or even worse, he opens his mouth and starts talking with things you would no even understand what the hell he is saying.
  • The beginner: he know two words only “over and under” refers to the exposure, as if photography is alla bout that, and I bet you have heard those words so many times it gets to your nerves when some one say it to you again and again.
  • The photographer, Here is is a different story, he is experienced but he might or might not understand your work, he could have a different point of view, or your king of photography is not his, so he would not have the experience to judge it.

The point is, only you have the experience to judge your work, and if you asking for some ones opinion, put in mind who he is, before you ask.

    How I see it


    You Must have seen this photo on my flickr page, so what did you think of it, OK, now here is what I saw in it:

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    Macro Started



    I promised you guys macro and never updated you on the situation, well first things first, Macro in a nutshell: Getting a real size Image hence the 1:1 ratio, that is what macro, and then it gets bigger and bigger 1:2, 1:5 and so on, normal lenses can get to an object as close as 0.5 meter (picture above) get any closer than that and you image will be out of focus, and if that is not satisfying then you need to get your self a Macro lens, I have a Sigma 50mm f2.8 (fixed) and it is a great sharp lens, a newer version of it is the 70mm,  note that a fixed lens will be sharper than focal lenses, due to technicality, but now I’m searching for a macro focal lens, and I found the Sigma 18-50mm and 17-70mm, both are great and fast with a f2.8 aperture, the reason is because I don’t whant to change my lenses much when I’m out, I hate that, but if you want only Macro then go for the fixed ones. 

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    Fishy Lens


    Lens reviews always talk about the quality of the lens, OK, now I know how good it is, but what I also want to know is wether it will serve me as an amutur or not, but the reviews did not help much in that matter, but for you, if your are thinking about it, I’ll give you what you need to know about the fish-eye lens.The fish-eye lens is a very wide angle lens, it gives you a 180 degree view, so if you are standing tall, and your camera in the portrait position, you’ll be able to see your feet! It is a very difficult to use lens, it needs a very good eye for composing a photo, but once you get the hang of it, it will open cretivity doors for you, but as an amateur you don’t want to spend a fortune on lenses, especially a fish-eye, a Nikon for example cost 200 KD, and for a “once a month use” lens that is too much.The bottom line, the fish-eye, is a great lens, but it is unnecessary,  if you want to buy a lens, buy some thing that you will actually use, and leave the fish-eye for a later time, but if you have the extra cash, then go ahead and have fun.

    Night Photography


    I wanted to experimenting and practice more on night photography, I think I’m a bit out of touch and lack the experience, so I took my camera with me to London and played around with it, tried so many techniques, and I was amazed on the creativeness that you can get out of night photography, it’s a new world that we are missing, some of us did not try it, maybe because they lack the experienced or maybe they are interested in something els, but most of us don’t know the how, and too shy to say so, I’m not, any way, as I said, I was amazed, and I think I’ll be doing even more night photography when I go back home, and hopefully before Ramadan. The photo you see up there is from my favorite place in London, The BA London eye, I composed it differently this time (sure I have a dozen more) I tried to get different colors and shapes, but I kept getting different results every time I try a new set up, till I got this shot, I love it, I hope you like it too, and don’t forget to keep practicing, and never be too shy to say I don’t know how!

    Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years


    To understand what I’m talking about see this: 

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