The Competition


Since my participation in the PX3 competition last year and they’ve been sending me emails (photography related) and when the time came for this years competition they started advertising for it, I got an email 5 days ago from them to notify me that the deadline for submitting will be on the 31 March (which is today) and I thought about it but then then I… had doubts, and today guess what, I got another reminder, saying:

“Px3 is coming to an end. Today is the last day to submit. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your work showcased at next year’s exhibition in Paris, included in the annual book, and viewed by leaders in the photography industry and a large public audience. Over 39,481 votes were tallied to determine 2008’s Px3 Public Choice Winners! Px3 awards incluce the “Photographer of the Year” and 3,000 Euros. Non-professional photographers compete for the “Best New Talent Award” and 2,000 Euros.”

and guess what again, I did submit 3 of my photos under the non-professional category , one in season, one in sunset and the last one in travel, and they are all on my web site, wish me luck guys.

The link: PX3

a simple picture yet strong emotions


I know what happiness is, part of it’s definition says “… having a sense of confidence in or satisfaction with (a person, arrangement, or situation)” which could be now, yesterday last year, and I also know that a sad memory from a picture can also bring happiness, I’m talking getting happy that a rough period of your life has passed, which at that time mad you cry, but now it makes you happy to remember it, the power that made you happy is the sense you get when remembering were or what you were, whether it is achievement, feeling proud, thankful, confidence  or any happy state of mind it puts you in, strong emotions is what you get, and that could only be achieved from a simple picture.

My New Look (web site)


If you would like to see some of my work, click on the link for my web site I hope you like what you will see, if you do, please pass by every once and a while, were I’ll be uploading some more.




Good news for all you D something Nikon owners, now there are internet TV episodes about your beloved Nikon hosted by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski and here is your link:


My Memories

I made this movie few months ago but never had the chance to publish it.

What’s up?


As all of you know I have not only hide my flickr account I have completely deleted it! why? I’ll tell, I used flickr to learn and to keep in touch with my friends, now for the learning part I can’t see how much more I could learn from flickr, it was great for the time I started but not good for my stage now, I get more and better information on professional photography sites, regarding the friends I talk to them by phone and emails.

So what am I doing now? actully a lot, and here is a list of the things in no particular order:

  • Studying (not photography related) something to do with my profession.
  • I have Joined the Tasweery team, it’s one that have a great potential to become one of the worlds best arabic photography web sites.
  • The gang in KSC are back in business, I haven’t sit with them yet, but I will soon, and from what I know great stuff is coming up, I guarantee you that this time 😉

What will happen to this blog? I’l keep this one for my silly articles, pictures and the more serious ones will be posted in arabic at, ohh! I’ll also write here when I’m pissed off from some one or something that I can’t do on a formal web site.

thats all in a nutshell. till next time, take care. 


……… thinking.