Why kill the goose? (iPhone 5)

Every one is talking about the new iPhone or what they are calling the iPhone 5 (which I doubt that name) release date, and if you are wondering if there is a new iPhone well there is nothing for sure but as any other product it must be upgraded, back to the subject I say there is nothing in the market now days or even coming in the near future that will kill the iPhone or even comes close to the current one! so why would Apple brings out a new iPhone! Until this current day it is not easy to get an iPhone4 in some parts of the world and sales are shooting in one direction, up! Yet, Apple still have not released the white version of the iPhone4 which will increase sales, and I’m not even counting the iPad or the other products here, now put your self in Apple CEO shoes, if you are getting golden eggs every day, why kill the goose?


يحزنني جهل الناس و تسعدني الخلوه مع النفس، فأنظر حولي ولا أرى سوا ناس تتقنع بأقنعة تغير من شخصيتها، منهم من هو واضح وضوح الشمس و منهم من يتقن الدور بشكل مخيف، منهم من لديه مأرب خاصة و منهم الإمعه، قد أصبحت حسن النية هذه الأيام شبه معدومة و الصراحة مرفوضة، أصبحت الطيبة ضعف، و الثقافة جهل، لم يعد هناك وجود لحترام الرأي الآخر و الكل يبحث ليكون الأصح، لم أعد أرى من لايعلم و إنتشر العلماء في كل البلد.

أعلم أن هذه النظرة تشائمية و لكني حاولة كثيرا أن لا أفكر في هذا الأمر وللأسف باءة جميع محاولاتي بالفشل، قد لا يعلم البعض عن ما أتحدث عنه، فإ كان الأمر كذلك فأعتذر منكم ويمكنكم التوقف عن القراءة هنا و إن كنتم مهتمين بالموضوع فأرجو عدم إنتقاد أفكاري


WOF! is my War On Fat diet plan that I recently announced on my twitter, It have started on the 11th Jan will end on 10th Feb, the program is actually simply, loos 3 to 4 kg’s in one month, that’s it, but it is more than a diet plane, if there is one thing I learned during my life time of diets is that diet for certinn time does it’s work for that period of time only, once you leave the diet you WILL gain all the weaight you lost if not more, I gurantee you that, so what you really need is a life style change, so le’t talk about that first.

Life Style:

I used to diet to loos certain weight and then go back to my old eating habits, not any more, the new me hates too over eat, likes to eat healthy, don’t like greasy food but still loves burgers 😉 so my diet is a way to live not a way to loos weight only. My principle is simple, I eat to live, not live to eat.


Don’t push your self over the edge here,it is easy to get over exited when you want to start a diet, you’ll set your goals very high or try to loos weight very fast,  just remember easy come easy go, be reialistic in your targets, don’t say I’ll loos 10kg’s in one month that is just not realisting and what your are doing actully is that you are planing to fail before you even started. Set realistic goals, like 3 to 4 kg’s in one month, if you see your self making a progress, then your doing well and that will keep you motivated, if you see that you did not loos that much of the 10 kg’s you will stop dieting in the first few days. beside, that is not a way to live, you will soon get board from starvation, and go back to your eating habits.

Exercise :

You can say what ever you want, like “I don’t have time” and stuff, but exercise is a vital thing in your life, not just to loos weight but to feel better about your self, breath better, sleep better,  exercise will simply make your life better. Now, one way to keep exercising, first choose a sport that you like, then find a way to motivate your self, after that comes logging your workout. For example, I like running, I combine motivation and logging together with my passion for gadgets! I’ll tell you how, I use my iPhone with Nike+ shoes and software to keep track of my workouts, thats for logging, and as for motivation Nike have also gave us the pleasure to log in to the Nike+ web site and set challenges for our self, the more I run the more I get medals and trophies. Another tip to keep your exercising is alternating between exercise types, for example run for few days then go swimming or play football, that way you will not get sick of what you are doing.


Eat less, more frequent, that is the best way too not over eat, my tipacle day goes like this:

10:00 AM Breakfast: Wholegrain cereal or eggs

12:00 PM Coffee (Lateh Skimmed milk)

02:00 PM Lunch: What ever it is, just eat half a plate or less (if you can)

04:00 PM exercise

05:00 PM Energey bar (I use Promax 270 cal per bar)

07:00 PM Dinner (keep it simple) Cheese and crackers.

09:00 PM Fruits

also make sure you drink lots of water and have good amount of salads and fruits.


Supplement are essential to compensate for what ever you  are not getting from your meals, and insure you have a healthy day.

Omega-3: Good to help loos weight and keep it off.

Multi Vitamins

Free Day:

I know lots of people have the wrong perception about the free day thing, they eat all day long what ever they wont, this is wrong, you can eat one meal only.

That’s it, have a good day and live a better life.

Gampa-tekara-sai (good luck in Japanese)


مبروك العربي في الآباد

نعم الآن يمكنك الكتابة بالعربي على الآيباد و طالما إنتظر المستخدمين العرب هذا التحديث. فقد كان من الصعب الرد على الرسائل التي ترد إليك بالعربي أو التواصل على الفيسبوك أو التويتر! و حتى البحث و تصفح الإنترنت أصبح صعب على الآي باد حتى أتى التحديث الجديد محمل بالخيرات لنا 🙂
قد تلاحظ بعض الإختلاف بلوحة المفاتيح العربية عن الأيفون و عن لوحة مفاتيح الماك أيضاً و هذا شيئ محير بعض الشيئ لي. و أتوقع أنه سيشكل لي بعض المتاعب ولكن شيئ أفضل من لاشيء.
تستمر شركة أبل بالتطوير و تقديم الأفضل للمستخدم. لا أكترث بما يقول الأخرين، نعم لن يبقى أحد على القمة للأبد، ولكن حتما أبل هنا لتبقى لمدة طويلة.

DSLR Banned in Kuwait

This is one photo from a photography champagne that I was working on to photograph Kuwait from a perspective that have never been seen. Unfortunately I have just started and some one came up with a law that banned the use of DSLR in public places in Kuwait. With all the downs that is going on in Kuwait we try our best to make our country rise again, but you people are killing us.

Why would you do such a thing! What was the reason?

We we finally had something going on in Kuwait that is worthwhile some idiot comes along and destroy it.

So what now? we have illegal prepossession of cameras and lenses? and what would camera dealers be now, drug dealers?

Think people, FOR GOD SAKE THINK! for once in your life time, please.

Why Write?

Although some times when I write I feel like I’m writing to my self and nobody is reading or care about my writing, but it still make me feel good, take now for example, I’m writing about why I’m writing, who would care about that? You, maybe, maybe not, but I’ll do it any way, why cos I feel like I’m talking to someone who understand me, me, my self, and to strike good number of readers, I think that is an important issue, the beauty in it is that mutual feeling that I’ll have with my readers, they will only like my writing if they feel the same way I do.

Even if no one ever had troubled him/her self to read my blog, at least I took that load I’m carrying around on my chest out here on the internet. So, to You (My readers) and to me (my number one fan) 😛 Thank you 🙂

Here is a song that will leave you in a good mood, I know it’s a sad song but the voice is from heaven.

Steer you life

I learned in life the kinds of people out there, not all but most (I’m still working on the rest) but the ones I really don’t like are the dissterpued ones, let me give you an example from yesterday between a lady and my daughter in the elevator:

The elevator door opens and we see a nice lady inside,

The lady: Good morning 🙂
Us: Good morning 🙂

Then my daughter started jumping and moving, the door opens, my daughter took one step back towards the nice lady,

The lady: Watch It!
Us: !?!!?!?!?!?!?!

So what turns people from a good morning person to a watch it person? I think some people don’t like to see others in a happy state of mind and will do or say anything to disturb your peace, why? Cos they are so miserable and disturbed they become even in a worse state when they see others happy! True, haven’t you ever encountered some one like that, some one comes out of the blue and mess up your happy moment, haven’t you ever been sitting with friends or family talking happily about something your are proud of like an achievement or a happy thought and someone says something that spoils the moment or try to steer the attention away from you?

Now, what can we do about these people? They are better be stopped, not by arguing with them, no, by completely ignoring them and there comments, while at the same time keeping that smile on your face and completing your speech or what ever your were doing, and if you want to kill them, then you should even laugh louder than before ( OK that was bad, I really like to do so)

The most important thing here is not to let other control your state of mind, they will try to drag you down to there Anxious or Depressed state of mind, don’t let them, wright were you are, stay happy.