Some thing is wrong!


How many times have taken a photo that you like, and think “hmm, some thing is wrong here” a lot of things could coz that, your composition could not meet your expectations, your photo could be a bit darker or lighter than it should be but you cant see it, an element in the photo which is distracting your eye, the list goes on, but no matter

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Rain photography – Delivered

I finally had the guts to photograph in the rain, it was scary, I was afraid from water interring throw my lens elements or damage my camera, like always, but I took a bold step, and did it, yes I photographed in the rain, and following the steps I wrote before I had some nice shots, which I’ll show you some of the them, have a look: Read the rest of this entry »

Experience Day (Part 1)


Yesterday was a day full of photography experience, for me at least, we were suppose to go out with the guys to photograph the horses (some were!) but the weather was so nice,temperature was about 20 and clouds floating in the amazing blue sky

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Photographer 360


I have discovered a new photographer behavior, and I called it “Photographer 360” and it states:

Almost every photographer start from the same point in photography, you buy a camera and shoot all you can shot, like there is no tomorrow, after some time you see your self getting picky with shots, thats becoase you are

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A picture tells a 1000 word, and you tell a few.

 to name

Naming a photo is as vital as setting your camera to take that photo, it backs up your feeling to the picture, it opens a new dimension to the viewer, some times they (the viewer) have difficulty understanding your work, so the name will leave 

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Product Review, Joby-Gorillapod SLR


I got sick from carrying my tripod with me, especially if I’m walking on my feet for hours, so I started looking for a substitute, and found a lot of things, like the Manfrotto 709B, POD, and the Joby-Gorillapod, and since I’ve read and heard a lot about the Gorilla, I decided to get one, bought if from the UK for 40 pound, and here is what I think of it: Read the rest of this entry »

How good is a good photographer?


I used to ask my self that, “how good, is a good photographer?” do they make mistakes? do they get bad results from the photo shot? how many good photos out of 100? well, I have the answer now. Read the rest of this entry »