Back on line

Yep, I got my internet account back, now the hard part comes, I should stay on my track and don’t slip to were I was before (we’ll see how that goes) another thing is the weather in Kuwait, just when I got ready to go out and shoot some Landscapes the humidity came on and made the fog we all saw here in the afternoon, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow.


How many incomplete photography projects you have?

for me, I have 3, and they are:


  1. Photographing Light (Picture above)
  2. In car photography (movement).
  3. Photographing my car.

what about you?

The Color of Autumn

I love Autumn, I love every thing about it, weather, color, smell, feeling… every thing, in Autumn, the world changes into another kind of world, some thing different, like it took off a boring dress and suited up with an Armani suit, in Autumn I do things I don’t do at any other season, I go and walk in the parks very much, I sit there for as long as I can, just looking at the colors and feeling the winds as it blows the colorful leaves of the trees, other things I enjoy is stepping over these leaves, they make a sound out of there direness, and you get that smell that is just not describable.

Photographing all that is priceless, I am blessed with a job that requirers me to travel all the time, one of the benefits is being able to photograph such a beauty, the nice thing is that in Autume any thing you photograph will look nice, but to make an outstanding and a unique photo you need to dig deep, you need to be sharp and look every were for the perfect spot to photograph.

In my last visit to London, I went to the Hydepark, and got 3 images that I really love, the one you see up there is the one I love the most. I wish you all could have a taste of Autumn to r=see how beautiful it is to photograph in this season.

Back to the basic (with a twist)

After more than two months with out photographing any thing, I dusted off my camera and took it to NYC streets to practice, but now after 3 years of photography, I don’t go out much and wonder in the streets for something to photograph, I only go out to photograph subjects I’m interested in, so I decided to go back to the basics, to the times when I just charged my camera and walked for 5 hours and photographed any thing I see beauty in, so I went out at 7 am just when the sun started to rise high enough in the sky to pass throw NY skyscrapers, with the temperature of 7 degrees centigrade, and me not prepared (cloth wise) for it, it became a bit difficult to photograph, I reached Time warner Center at Columbus Circle (one of my favorite places to photograph) I took 3 or 4 pictures after that my fingers turned blue from the cold, knowing that area helped me locate the nearest Starbuck and got my self a HOT cup of Latte and a nice blueberry coffee cake (hmmmm) any way, while I was sitting there the sun was rising very fast which will turn the Read the rest of this entry »

The lion is still resting


Here is the update on my “non-internet time”

I have achieved so much, I’m still internet free (I get sneak peaks every once and awhile) and I’m loving it, here is a list of things I have benafited from not having internet:

  • I now read more than before, a lot more.
  • Spend more time with my family.
  • Found new interests.
  • Clear state of mind.
  • Have more free time.

but the thing that I like the most is that I’m now less “photography” addicted, and no that is not bad, I still love photography but I’m now in a better state of mind, I can’t really describe what I’m going throw but were ever I am and what I feel now is great. Now if some one out there is having doubts about me getting great pictures, I say to him wait and see 😉

see you guys later.