Set your self free

Planet earth, is a big thing mad by God, huge, with all the lands, sea, rivers, mountains, sky, people, countries, nations and languages, yet some time we feel it is too tight, too small to hold us, the air is not enough for us to breath, there in no place for us to go, there is no one that will understand us, how is that possible?

I mean look at the givings and the effects on us! I’m telling you, there is something wrong, and I’m pretty sure it is not with planet earth, so that leaves us, we are the problem, and we are represented by our brain which separates us from animals, and the brain can either function correctly or wrong, if it is functioning correctly then we will see the whole world as a good place and we will live happy, but, if it wasn’t, then problems comes one after another, so, does the brain control us or de we control it, and if I ask who control it, actually it is us, and us is it, but no, unlike any man made machine, which is operated by one single person, we are controlled by two parts, our brain and our heart, they both gives and feeds data to our soul, one might supersede the other, for example our heart feel something, that feeling goes to our brain to analyiez, then we act or be in a state of mind, which then gives us the feeling of weather the planet is big or small, so does that mean that we are in full control of our selves?

Not quiet, as we all know, sometimes the heart actions supersede the brain (take women for example), now let’s make it more complicated than what it already is, the external and internal effects, we live in a world with others, that have big influence on us, also mother nature is an external player here, and that is not something we can change but to co-op with, but people who we live with are the main player in our lives, they can make it good or bad life, from parents to managers to world leaders, they effect our lives every day, what more effete us is our habits and decisions that we make every day, if your parents thought you to be lazy when you were a kid and grew up to be one too, then what was yesterday your parents choice for you to be lazy is your decision today to be lazy, it is in your hand to change it, if your boss at work is a pain in the neck then you either failed to communicate with him or you chose to stay at that job and suffer every single day, when your kids misbehave and your blood boils, then you failed to love them from your heart and you chose the short cut to stop them buy screaming on the long term solution of showing them your love and understanding them, what I’m really saying here is what ever is wrong in our lives, we have only our selves to blame for, and no one els.

I used to blame others for miseries in my life, and it made me in a very bad state of mind for queit some time I tell you, but in the past few days what I came to reaialize is that I’ve put my self there, and I will get my self out of it, and thankfully, I’m 110% recovered and I became incharge of my life, my feelings, my emotions.

Set your self free and live the life you want to live.