Endless Possibilities


A lot of people in Kuwait complain about not having a variety of “subjects” to photograph, I say they are mistaken, the possibilities are endless, for example, when we go out and photograph, we must have an open eye and mind, I travel a lot and photograph ,but the best pictures I ever photographed were in Kuwait, you know why, because I have but much more effort in them, from going out in this heat to the staring eyes (and you all know what I mean) going back to the the subject, I go out to photograph with my friends from KSC, for example, yesterday we went to ‘Sharq Garages” and it was really fun, we had tons of great photos and ideas, and the week before we when to “Al Mubarakiya” and it was also nice, the point is, don’t just sit at home and complain, go out and shot some thing (with you camera I mean)

Apple or Nokia


After all that wait, I decided not to by one, as most of you know, I’m a Mac addict, I love every thing that has that apple logo on it, and the iPhone is surly one of them, so why not get one you say? here is my story, when the iPhone was first released, I rushed to the Apple store to see it and try it (yes that is my hand in the photo) like every one els, and when you try the iPhone for the first time you will get that WOW factor, and I wanted one so badly, that I thought of buying it just to own one, note that it id sim locked, which means I can’t use it in Kuwait, so after few days they release and unlock software for it but you can only use it as a PDA, so I went again to the Apple store to try it again and see if it worth buying a PDA for 200 KD, so I tried it again, and thought “well, let me wait till they unlock the phone option too” but I wanted a devise that syncs with my Mac so badly, that is one down side with the mac, it is not compatible with all the phones, so I went for the third time to the store and tried it again, and guess what happened this time, the WOW factor was gone, I found out that the iPhone is just another mobile phone, with limited “phone” options, don’t get me wrong it is still a nice phone, but it does not worth all the wait, and God knows when will the release a version for Kuwait with Arabic support, after few days I was telling a friend of mine about my problem and asked him how does he sync his Nokia mobile with his Mac, he said that Nokia, has released a full support for the Mac! I was shocked so to make the store short, I went back home and checked there web site, and now ladies and gentlemen I’m the owner of a Nokia communicator E90.


so what does all that have to do with photography? well one of Nokia’s software for the Mac is one called “Nokia Multimedia Transfer” and it transfer your photos from your computer to your phone with a press of a button, not only that, it even shrinks the size of the photo to fit your mobile screen, nice ha 🙂

 if you are intrested, here is a great article to read:



Post them or Hide them

post hide

This is an issue, for us photographers, wether you have a flickr account or your own web site that you upload photos to, how much to upload and show the public is too much, I know some people who after a shot out, they cant wait till they get there hands on a computer to upload all there work, that is probably because they want to have some feed back from other photographers, and that comes from there joy of photography, others are too preservative, they hide all there work and never post any, maybe there are bad, maybe they think there are too good to be posted, what ever is going on in your head, at the end it comes to how many should I post, well, that is a big subject, but here is a summery depending on the experience: 

  •  just started, post as much as you can (but not all at once) to get feed back.
  • medium experience, post 1 to 2 photos daily (depending on how often you photograph)
  • experienced, you will reach a stage were you will decide what you want.

now that covers how many, next post will talk about how good. till then take care, and lets here what you think.

Just do it

do it

I used to think that a great photographer is the one who knows how to use a camera functions very well, and knows all about the lenses and there usage, that appeared to me is not right, if you are determined about photography like a lot of us, you will reach that stage were you know all these things, but what then? can your knowledge make the master peace you are seeking, will your knowledge of the Aperture and Shutter speed shots something unique, surly not, all photographers know the same standard photography principles, but what makes a person a great photographers is his hunger for new adventures, reaching to that hard to get to spot, that not any man/woman can reach with out pain, how many of us went to photograph to a near by park or market, now how many of us went to Morroco for photography? see what I mean, yes we whish and whish to go here and there to photograph but do we actully do it, even if we did go, will we be determend to wake up with sunrise, will we have the guts to try new things, like climbing a mountin for 2 hours just to get a picture, that is what make a photographer a great one, not his knowledge. don’t get me wrong, you need to know the technical part, and lots of it too, but how many photographers out there, that only talks about it instead of doing it. 

Passion for photography


A sensetive issue was raised by a fellow photographer, which was, does a photo reflect the personality of it’s photographer? I have some thing to say before I answer this, ask any one who is into photography (note, I did not say photographer) , what is photography to you?  “it is my passion” 99% of them will give you that answer, the defanition of passion is “Strong and barely controllable emotion” hmm isn’t that personality, it sure sound like it, but lets see it from another perspective, most of us use flickr, when you look in your contact, won’t you know that this photo belongs to that photographer, with out even reading his/here name, that is because it has there personality in it.


For me photography is not a passion, it is my eyes, this is how I see the world around me, freezing emotions with people, making that day live for ever with me throw my pictures, that is my dear friends what  photography is about (to me at least), so next time “passion” people have some thing els to say please.


Thank you Samar for raising this topic.