Do you think simple looking photo are easy to capture? are they not interested? they don’t carry any artistic value, and any one can take the same photo? 


Let’s here your thoughts. 

Photography Hype


Today at KSC, a subject was discussed, and I wanted to share it with every one and see what you think about it. What do you think about people and photography these days, I don’t know if Hype was the right word to describe it, but I see a big number of people getting into photography, yes they like taking photographs, but they are not so dedicated to it, they go and buy the most expensive cameras and lens’s, thinking it will make them “Pro’s” I don’t even think they look like one, one thing for sure, it will make them hate photography, beacuse they will not know how to use that high end camera and it’s features which in ture will give them bad photos and that is enogh frustration to make them quit photography, the problem is that a lot is like that, but the question is why? why do they go through all that? here is what I think,  some are going for the looks, it is just like owning a luxury car and driving it around, others do it to impress girls (don’t ask me why?) and some want to learn photography but they are miss lead. Now lets here your opinion. 

Macro Neglected


Since I got my sigma 10-20 mm (wide angle) I have neglected Macro photography, I love photographing architecture, urban, and when you go out photographing you set something in your mind, and one thing only, and you become to lazy to change the lens, (read “why carry 2 cameras?”) but I also enjoy macro, you see thing with your macro lens you can’t see or notice with you naked eye, and macro lenses bring those things right up to you, I have a Sigma 50 mm, I thing I should stop carrying around in my bag and start given it some attention, and use it.

What good is iPhone for photography?


I’m one of the freaks waiting for the iPhone to be unlocked so that I can use it in Kuwait, since I can sync it with my Mac at home and have all my data when I’m away, there is no doubt that it will help me with my daily productivity, but what good will it be to serve the photographer in me, surly not the 2 MP camera, it is for the following:

  1.  Sync the photo collection I want with a press of a button.
  2. I can use it as a hard drive, so I can import all the photos I have on my camera to it and empty my card and start photographing again.
  3. Show my work in stylish way 😉

Bright Flash


I hate using the flash, that is it, need to say more, OK, I hate using the flash, no really the I feel it just mess-up the picture, it brings is out of it’s real life feeling, you know what I mean? you just look at it as a normal photo, every thing looks fake to you with it, even with the most expensive flashes, you still get the same results, I prefer increase the ISO instead of using the flash, I regret spending all that money on the flash I got few months ago, so it turned out it is not so bright of a flash? (for me at least)

Editing Time


In this last issue of PP (picture abouve) the had this question for there readers:  “How many time you you spend on your photo editing software?” you know, like photoshop and Lightroom. Give me your answer and I’ll give you there readers answer and mine 😉

12 Steps to get a great photo

nikon.jpg 12 Steps to get a great photo:

  1. Think of a location 
  2. Visualize what will you be photographing.
  3. Go there and look at it.
  4. Get your camera out from the bag.
  5. Hold it firmly.
  6. Remove the Lens cap.
  7. Switch the power on.
  8. Make your settings.
  9. Look throw the other world (the view finder I mean).
  10. Rotate the focal length gently, till you get to were you want.
  11. Snap!
  12. Enjoy your effort 🙂

am I serious? yes I am, I enjoy these steps very much, they are actually the fist steps that take me to a great photo, It is the feeling, weight of the camera and the lens in my hand, I don’t know maybe it is strange, but I feel joy when I hold my camera and that joy is a vital element to get great result from out from your photography, so when ever you get bad results on a photography day, search you hurt, were you happy to photograph that day?