Expire within 5 days

I received this SMS from Quality-Net the other day, it says ” your DSL service on tel so and so will expire with 5 days, please renew… blah blah blah”and that makes the dead line tomorrow! so  I decided NOT to renew, I want to see how I will survive with out internet, and frankly speaking, I don’t think I’m getting any real benefit from the internet, lately I’m only checking few web sites and my email, thats it, nothing much, but that is taking too much from my time, and I think I can make a better use of my time that wasting it that way, so I made some thinking and here is my list for why I wont renew my DSL:


  • I want to find out is the internet vital to live in this world or not.
  • Have more time to read books and magazines.
  • Learn new stuff on my computer like, video editing, Adobe Illustrator, more about the Mac OS and other stuff.
  • Update my profession information by reading more about it (and no, it is not photography related).
  • Spend more time with my family.
  • and like always I have a secret project (and also no, it is not photography related).
  • and lots of there personal stuff.

The only thing I know I will miss is communicating with you guys, other wise I don’t see any potential things that might attempt me to come back. Also note that I have tried to do some thing like that in the past and failed but this time is different, I hope so.

Thank you all for your support and I wish I will come back with all my list established, wish me luck.

ليش ماتفتح مصور؟

يعني ليش؟ شنو علاقة التصوير في المصور؟ ليش لازم كل واحد يصور يفتح مصور؟ ملييت من هالسؤال الغبي، كل من يدري إني أصور يسألني هالسؤال، بس ماكو فايدة لم أشرح له إن تصوير الستيديو هو نوع من أنواع التصوير ، و إني أخب نوع ثاني من التصوير مثل الاندسكيب، يصير واحد من الأثنين، يا إنه يسأل سؤال ثاني أغبا مثل “عيل ليش ماتبيع صورك؟” أو يطالعني بالنظرة إلي كإنه يقول “شنو هالمعقد!” و أدري إن كل المصورين يعانون مثلي، شاركونا مشاكلكم

New project

My latest project is to photograph cars, so I’ll try first on mine, I have visioned it in a car parking with an odd angle, another is in a wide street (I don’t kniw were I’ll finde an empty street, but hey It is just a vision!) wish me luck.

New Doors (part two)

Why did I chose Sigma over a Nikon Lens, here are my points: 


  • Price, Nikon is $1,600 compared to Sigma $800.


and thats it, do you really need a better reason? OK, if I tell you that the Sigma lens is half good as the Nikon, with that price, the deal is good right? well what if I tell you it is 60% as good? were in real and after I tried it, I just cant see any different between both! so why pay that much for Nikon? I tell you, the Nikon has a better built body and from what I understand is that they use better kind of glass, so the bottom line, if your budget is tight go with the Sigma, if you have the cash, buy the Nikon.

Another advantage the Nikon has over the Sigma is the VR, in general I never liked the VR, I don’t see any benefit from it, yes it lets you use the lens with a lower Read the rest of this entry »

New doors (part one)

I do a lot of study when I want to do some thing, and taking photos on my last vacation had big plans, unfortunately, all of them failed, except the important one (my family pictures) and what better lens other than 70-200 mm will be better to do the job, so few days before my vacation I decided to get me one of those babies, but having just bought the Sigma 105 mm, buying another lens and one like the 70-200 mm is just too much money spent, but visualizing all the images I can get for my family with the lens I just had to get it, so I did, yes you heard me, you are looking (or should I say reading) at a new owner of a 70-200 mm lens, here is the catch, I had to down Read the rest of this entry »

Kuwait Photographers Group

I’m in the proses of re launching Kuwait photographers group, the launch will be a soft one, not to Fancy or any thing just a normal group with information, depending on the success of the group more interesting things will come along.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas that will help.

Forgetting what it is all about

 You must have noticed me uploading photos more than often these days, there is a reason behind that, the reason is that people have forgotten what photography is all about, and why they have started photograph in the first place, just have a look at your contacts photos in Flickr (thats if you do) and see how people deviated from learning or photographing for a reason to just playing, and turning photography to just some sort of a joke, real photography changes nations, have governments removed, raise millions of dollars for the survival of  mankind, people wake up, dig down inside your sole and photograph something that would have an effect on others, not just to hear “nice DoF” or increase the number of comments on your account, get out of the world of Flickr and I promise you, you will become a better photographer, start reading magazines, books, start noticing photos at any place you see them, and think why the photographer did this and that, you know, when ever I see a photo, I think “f” stops, metering and focal length, why did he photograph this thing that way and so on.

I don’t just point my camera at any thing and shot any more, I have to see something that has a meaning, it should be in sertin times too, when the light is perfect.

Posting photos for people to see is an important matter, people spend there time on the internet, so if we post photos that are worthless that means we have wasted there time and ours too.

Lets start again, from the beginning, why we chose photography and why are we photographing, then hold our cameras and start photographing again.