Holiday countdown

My holiday is almost over, I’ll be home soon, but how would some one like me that travels almost every day have a holiday? I’ve spent more than one month in London, one day before I went there on holiday, I was there on a flight! and probably two days after I come back I’ll be there again, so what is new? actually, there is only one thing new, this is not my holiday, this is my family’s holiday, the go to school and get great marks, my wife works all year and take care of me and the kids all year long and it gets harder for here when I’m not there, so I think they deserve to take one month from me, and since it is there vacation I decided to make my photography is all about them, I took +1200 photos of them in one month, and now I can finally have that family album I always wanted to have, every thinks that now that I’m a photographer I have great photos of my family, I did not, till this vacation, and I have just the right album for them, which I bought more than a year ago.

so, my typical holiday is to stay at home for 30 days, which wont happen any time soon 😦 the good news is I have 3 days to go home, and hopefully I’ll stay there for few days before I go on a flight again to enjoy Ramathan, if I don’t wright here again any time soon, please accept this as my Ramathan greeting, Mubarak 3alaikon eshahar 🙂

Lightroom 2.0

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 is out now and it is a killer, check out these links.:


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