iPhone 3Gs First look (updated)

I’m right now at this moment in the Ny 5th Ave Apple store checking the new iPhone 3Gs, will tell you what I think of it later on.

I’m back home now and since the jet lag is doing it’s thing I guess I have some time to write my first impression about the new new iPhone 3Gs.

well, first thing, the new iPhone was supposed to be all about “speed” hence the “s” I think! so I held my iPhone 3G in one hand and the Gs in the other, and I started the same software at the same time, both the start-up time and lag response was 1 sec different only, so that was not much at all, but I will go back and do other extensive tests, second major thing was the camera and the video option, well I can’t tell you how shitty is my iPhone 3G camera is, so I’m so glad the improved it, OK it is not 12 MP but any thing other the 3G camera will be great, so the 3 MP camera on the 3Gs was nice. Now video is an awesome thing to add, and I loved how it looked like a mini iMovie in your pocket, and best part was than when you record a video in portrait mode then view in landscape mode, the display crop the movie to fit it to the display, now that was “Apple Smart” TM (my TM)  look photos below:

see how shitty my camera is:(

Compass was nice, didn’t have the chance to check how fast was Safari or the Voice control, that will be left for part 2.

Thank you.

Nokia N97

I went to the Nokia shop in London regent street yesterday to check out the new N97, I was looking to replace my E90 with it but thankfuly I got my iPhone insted, any way, with a tag price of £499 the N97 looks good and functions… let’s say better than the 5800 so it is way over priced, it has a nice new interface but still a bit slugesh, now the question is how does it stand against the iPhone? not even close, the iPhone beats it hands up.

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a happy moment (Wedding Time Square)


one of the things I love about NY is that you see things here you don’t see any were in the world, and they all happen in one day, just last time I was there I saw too many events happing in the same day just buy walking in manhattan, one of them was a wedding in the time-square, and here is some shots I took, my congrats the to the couple.

and if any one know these couple I would love to give them the picture for free.

Freez, what the…!


Before I say any thing, take a few seconds to rank this photo above out of 10,OK I’ll give it a 2 or 3 max right? wrong, this photo won 3rd place at the PX3 photography competition, here is the link for the winners of the PX3 2009 competition

Should I go for it?get


I’ve been using my 2.66 duel-core Intel Xeon Macpro since September 2006, and during the past couple of months I’ve been struggling with the HD’s, for example the original HD died and I had to replace it with 2 new 1 TB HD’seach, and just yesterday one of them past away! also few moths ago I lost my 512 mb Video card too and now working on a 256 mb card, I’m telling it sucks, so is my Macpro trying to give me signals here? should I replace it with a new one? I don’t now if I should or not but calculating all the upgrade I need to do with it is almost as much as buying a new one, I to upgrade the following: Read the rest of this entry »

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