My Web Site

I think the “Professional” Web site idea has failed, the web developer asked for a very high price to do what I want, which is pretty much simple (in my view) he asked for 400 KD! and that is too much for a portfolio web site that I can’t even update and If I wanted to, it will again cost me God knows how much, so I went to plan B, O made up a .Mac account, and now my web portifolio and blog are on the same page, I desinged it to be very simple and modern (I don’t like complecations) and your inital openion is very much appreciated,  and for that I’m giving you a sneak peck at my latest photos there in my web site.Thank you in advance.  Read the rest of this entry »

501 Must “Photograph” Natural Wonders


I don’t recommend photographers to limit there thinking to one place, in our case that place is Kuwait, yes it is beautiful and has lots of place to photograph but we should also see the wonders of the word, part of photography is seeing things you never thought they exist, and photograph them and show them to the rest of the world with your eye point of view, for that I bought this book, it is called “501 must-visit natural wonders” my target is to go to Read the rest of this entry »

2008 Resolution


Every year we here people talking about there new year resolution, but how many of them we actually do in that year or the year after, but that does not mean we shouldn’t do it, it is a good first step, to do what you always wanted to do, but thinking of the thing you want to do/not do, is not enough, write them some were and read them every now and then to remind your self of them, hey who know we might actully do some of them 😉 Read the rest of this entry »

My Thoughts

mugDuring the last few weeks I was doing lots of thinking, about every thing in my life, and I’m still thinking, but I got part of the photography “thinking” done, and one sub part of it is the internet, first I decided to upgrade my web portfolio site, from the current adobe lightroom templet to a more professional look web site, thanks to my wife who helped me chose the new look, the site is still under construction though, another thing is that soon this blog will have a new name, it will be a sub part from my portfolio web site name, It will also get on a new path, I’ll try to right on a daily basis, about every thing photography, books, magazines, dvd’s and of-course photos, which in turn will limit my replies to your comments, so please don’t take it personal if I don’t reply to your comments because I’ll be preparing more materials for you to read and hopefully learn from. Read the rest of this entry »

إعلان توقيف

سوف يتوقف العمل في الموقع و سيتم تحديث مقعي الخاص، و سوف يتم الإعلان عنه لاحقا


شكرا لكم جميعا 

Too much equipment


“It is not important how many lenses you have it is how good a photographer you are”

 Sadly a lot people say if I get this lens I will make great photos, well I’m sorry to tell you pal that if you are not getting good photos with what you have you are not getting any thing, even if you have all the lenses in the world.

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Winter is killing me


That you see up there is a sample of my winter collection, I my self, never thought winter would be so beautiful, but damn it is so cold and so difficult to motivate your self to go out in wind, cold, rain and very early in the morning to get some nice shots (not mentioning I have only 2 lenses now) but it sure worth it, and as I told you in winter, the best timing for photography is very early in the morning and I mean 

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