My Other life


I always had a spatial place for my gear in my hurt especially the ones I got after a long wait, in 1998 I was still a student and buying a camera was too much for my budget, and I wanted to stop photographing with compact cameras and take it up a notch, so I did what I always did when I wanted something so badly, I started saving, that year there was a new

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I now shopping is for women, but I can go to this place every day. it it called MUJI, it is a Japanese modern shop, they sell almost every thing, think of it as a smaller version of IKEA but this one is Japanese, the thing I love the most from there products are “stationaries” you know, note books, pens, pencils… I have tons of them, most of them are still

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Your Feedback

Today I did a presentation on “Composition” in KSC, under the name of “Composition, Tricks and Techniques”  so for those who attended, your feedback is highly appreciated, if you do not wish to write your name, please sign is as “Anonymous” and use the following email to log in (not to send to, coz I don’t use it) Read the rest of this entry »

Photo & Story


I’m starting a new series of subjects, I call it “Photo & Story” were I’ll photograph one place, and talk about it a bit, were is it located, what they are, and what’s it means to me, in just few lines, no more than 4 to 6 lines, at the same time, I’m trying to document the places I like to visit. So, here we go:

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Kuwait Car Show 2007


There are two thing I like to do in life, one you already know, the second one is “Driving” not fast or going crazy, I just enjoy driving a nice car, and for that, I like all kind of nice cars, but it is too much of a hustle to go to car dealers to see them all. Last week they all came under one roof in Kuwait Car show 2007, and I had the chance to not only see them but photograph them too, talk about 2 birds one stone ;), some great cars were there, and the big surprise to me came from Nissan when I saw 

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