I made a fool of my self :(

IMG_0336Since I left flickr I haven’t photograph that much, and that is one bad side from leaving flickr, does that mean I’ll give flickr another try? maybe, but that is not the subject now, I noticed yesterday afternoon some clouds in the sky and thought that would be a nice opportunity so I went back home asked the kids to get dressed check my camera batteries it had half life so I put it on the charger, cleaned my 12-24mm lens, check my filters and adapter, and packed them and took my kids with there bikes to shwaikh beach, arrived there a bit early so I thought of shooting some pics of my kids first, I turned on the power button and oops! I forgot the freaking battery on the charger! damn! so I returned to my car, put back the camera in the bag and walked with my kids, till sunset came, and it was so beautiful I had to take a show, so I settled with my phone camera, oh! did I mention that the iPhone camera sucks, big time, any way my kids had fun, so did I, and we lived happily ever after.

2 Comments on “I made a fool of my self :(”

  1. Khalid says:

    ha ha haaaaa .. el3yala w ma tswee 😛 w ya far7a ma tammat 😛

  2. ahm shay ur kid had great time with thier dad
    and for the weather ,,, la7g 3alih

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