Why kill the goose? (iPhone 5)

Every one is talking about the new iPhone or what they are calling the iPhone 5 (which I doubt that name) release date, and if you are wondering if there is a new iPhone well there is nothing for sure but as any other product it must be upgraded, back to the subject I say there is nothing in the market now days or even coming in the near future that will kill the iPhone or even comes close to the current one! so why would Apple brings out a new iPhone! Until this current day it is not easy to get an iPhone4 in some parts of the world and sales are shooting in one direction, up! Yet, Apple still have not released the white version of the iPhone4 which will increase sales, and I’m not even counting the iPad or the other products here, now put your self in Apple CEO shoes, if you are getting golden eggs every day, why kill the goose?

Shocking iPhone killer

Is there an iPhone killer among the crowed, I think I found it, but do you think it is Android, Symbian or Windows, they are all fighting to get the biggest slice of the market share of the smart phones, but who will be the iPhone killer? so far the iPhone is holding it high but recent statistic showed that google Android is taking the lead over the iPhone, but that’s not the killer.

Here is what I think of some of the mobiles out there:

Sonyericsson Xperia X10 running Android 1.6, back in the days I used to be a big Ericsson then Sonyericsson fan, but after they left the Symbian OS and decided to go the other direction, I gave up and went the other way, any how, like all other smart phones the system is lagging when I try to scroll around between softwares and with with any command I give it.

HTC HD2 running Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional, surprisingly this phone has big potentials, and I mean big, it is so big Apple raised a law suet against HTC to slow there distribution in the market, the interface is smartly made (not normal for windows) system works well (not as fast as the iPhone though) the screen is massive and crispy clear.

Now is there an iPhone killer among them, the short answer is No, the killer came from within the same company that brought you the iPhone and if you think about it, there are the only ones who can kill the iPhone, now how is that possible you ask, let us break down the market into segments here, and look at the majority of mobile users, most of them are using there mobile for social networking and multimedia like Twitter, facebook, YouTube, movies and music, well all these platforms offer these as standard with there system software or you can get them as add ons for free, now you’ll say what about the other 70,000 software that the iPhone has and these platform don’t, well for sometime that used to be the main issue that differentiate between the iPhone and all the others, not any more, there is a new player here that changed the game, and no it is not a mobile phone, it’s the iPad, the iPad is the killer, think about it, it is a mobile device that you can take almost every were with you along with a mobile phone and will soon have all the Apps that are available for iPhone plus they will run better, so now you don’t have to buy an iPhone for the apps, you can get any phone you like and get an iPad to compensate for the missing Apps from the iPhone, many people don’t like the iPhone as a “phone” and want more options and flexibility, there solution was restricted to the iPod touch, now that it became bigger and better (iPad), they have bigger reason not to buy an iPhone and chose any thing they like. Even to us (iPhone users) after we got the iPad our usage to the iPhone became limited and we use the iPad software more often than the same ones we have on our iPhone.

Does this mean that the Apple will lose some of it market share, it is already loosing as I mentioned earlier and judging from the leaked 4G iPhone, they will continue to loos more if they don’t Think different!