Why Write?

Although some times when I write I feel like I’m writing to my self and nobody is reading or care about my writing, but it still make me feel good, take now for example, I’m writing about why I’m writing, who would care about that? You, maybe, maybe not, but I’ll do it any way, why cos I feel like I’m talking to someone who understand me, me, my self, and to strike good number of readers, I think that is an important issue, the beauty in it is that mutual feeling that I’ll have with my readers, they will only like my writing if they feel the same way I do.

Even if no one ever had troubled him/her self to read my blog, at least I took that load I’m carrying around on my chest out here on the internet. So, to You (My readers) and to me (my number one fan) 😛 Thank you 🙂

Here is a song that will leave you in a good mood, I know it’s a sad song but the voice is from heaven.

2 Comments on “Why Write?”

  1. iqbalgreen says:

    So true Feras … I think the concept of the blogs is to write what you think and what you feel , regardless the readers like it or not . I , myself like to read to those who are so true and realistic with their feelings and thinking ( such as you are ,,, )
    The voice of the singer is really calming ,,
    Thank you , and have a nice day 🙂

  2. feras says:

    Thanks Iqbal. Glad you feel that way 🙂

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