Steer you life

I learned in life the kinds of people out there, not all but most (I’m still working on the rest) but the ones I really don’t like are the dissterpued ones, let me give you an example from yesterday between a lady and my daughter in the elevator:

The elevator door opens and we see a nice lady inside,

The lady: Good morning 🙂
Us: Good morning 🙂

Then my daughter started jumping and moving, the door opens, my daughter took one step back towards the nice lady,

The lady: Watch It!
Us: !?!!?!?!?!?!?!

So what turns people from a good morning person to a watch it person? I think some people don’t like to see others in a happy state of mind and will do or say anything to disturb your peace, why? Cos they are so miserable and disturbed they become even in a worse state when they see others happy! True, haven’t you ever encountered some one like that, some one comes out of the blue and mess up your happy moment, haven’t you ever been sitting with friends or family talking happily about something your are proud of like an achievement or a happy thought and someone says something that spoils the moment or try to steer the attention away from you?

Now, what can we do about these people? They are better be stopped, not by arguing with them, no, by completely ignoring them and there comments, while at the same time keeping that smile on your face and completing your speech or what ever your were doing, and if you want to kill them, then you should even laugh louder than before ( OK that was bad, I really like to do so)

The most important thing here is not to let other control your state of mind, they will try to drag you down to there Anxious or Depressed state of mind, don’t let them, wright were you are, stay happy.

2 Comments on “Steer you life”

  1. ّIqbal othman Malallah says:

    Sooooo true Feras and you set a very reasonable solution for such people …..

    Thank you and have a lovely days ever after 🙂  

  2. feras says:

    Thank you for reading and passing by

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