Life is a never ending school

As I become older I see things differently each and every day, from leaning to dealing with others, for example, when I read a menu in a Resturant I don’t just look for something I want to eat, I read to learn more about that cosine and the food kinds, when I talk to people I don’t just make a conversation, I listen carefully, I analyze, and learn, take the good part and leave the bad one.

But it is indeed strange how the human change and adapt, during my life time I also observed some people who stayed at a certain level of mentality, Years comes and goes by and they stay the same they were 10 or 20 years ago, I really have empathy for them, life is tricky enough to make them see me as if I’m becoming a”retard” strange world, when the educated becomes the retard and the retard becomes the educated!

I found out that life for the wise is a never ending school, you never really graduate, not even after you die, you leave a legacy that will teach others, but for the naive ones, it ended before is even started.

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