Should I go for it?get


I’ve been using my 2.66 duel-core Intel Xeon Macpro since September 2006, and during the past couple of months I’ve been struggling with the HD’s, for example the original HD died and I had to replace it with 2 new 1 TB HD’seach, and just yesterday one of them past away! also few moths ago I lost my 512 mb Video card too and now working on a 256 mb card, I’m telling it sucks, so is my Macpro trying to give me signals here? should I replace it with a new one? I don’t now if I should or not but calculating all the upgrade I need to do with it is almost as much as buying a new one, I to upgrade the following:

  • get more RAM, now I have 2 GB and I wont at least 4 GB so that mean I should get 2 MB more.
  • Get a new 512 MB graphic card.
  • newer HD’s, I don’t trust the ones I have any more.
  • bigger monitor, were talking here 23″ to 24″

calculating all that is just too much, and add on that I need to get my kids a computer for the net, they are using now my old iMac


and since my home has only wireless network, they don’t have internet and they can’t even connect they digital cameras to it, becouse the OS is too old, I know, I know, I’ll do something about it it, thats why I’m thinking of getting a new one too.

so here is my proposal to my self buy a new iMac for my self and give them (my kids) my formated Macpro, what do you think?

here is the one I like:

  • iMac
  • 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 2x2GB
  • 1.0TB Serial ATA Drive
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 512MB


Price: $2,199 plus tax

4 Comments on “Should I go for it?get”

  1. Khalid says:

    can I have one too 😉 ?

  2. moayad says:

    the newer macs are definitely alluring!

    But the question is, do you really need all that power?

    RAM and HD’s are one of the cheapest upgrades you can get these days. High quality large monitors can be found for a good price if you are willing to go with a non Apple display. I have no idea how the prices of the Mac video cards are, but if they are close to the PC ones then they won’t be a problem.

    I personally am using a MacBook Pro with 2.33 GHz Core Duo, 2 GB RAM and 256 MB video card. It runs all my photography and internet application smoothly… I even use it for video without any problems. And no, I’m not thinking about upgrading it at all, I need to fix the keyboard though.. and get a new battery :p

    The development of computer technology slowed down lately, and that’s a good thing since you no longer have to buy a new computer every 2 or 3 years like it was 10 years ago. That’s why the specifications of new computers are not that impressive. Every time apple releases a new computer I visit their shop to fiddle with it a little, and guess what? Safari still works the same, iPhoto runs at almost identical speed and even Final Cut Pro is still not that much faster than my 3 year old MacBook Pro. But the new computers definitely look much cooler than my dented and scratched old thing 🙂

    One more thing, if I was in your place I would not buy a one extra big HD, take a look at this:

  3. feras says:

    Khalid, yes but what is holding me is that I can’t figure out what to get you with it, an iPhone or iPod? 😉

  4. feras says:

    Moayad, I totally agree with you, and was thinking about the same thing, so after I did a price comparice for all the upgrade I need for my desktop to a new iMac, this is what I got:


    1. Samsung 23″ LCD-HD $270
    2. Drobo 4 disck (without the drives) $400
    3. 4GB Memory $110
    4. 512mb Video card $300
    ُ5. HDD 500gb 2 pcs $140

    TOTAL $1220

    A new iMac $2200

    I save $980

    Do I like the idea, yes, I do, this means I can expand my HD at any time I want (loved the drobo by the way) and I get 2 monitors to use, I save a $1000 and the best part is that I don’t have to do the whole thing at once, and I can buy a couple of items every month or so, hmm… nice.

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