What to do with you other photos


We all go out and shot so many photo, and we only come back with a few satisfactory results right? so what happens with the rest of the photos, some time I shot 100+, yes I delete the bad ones but still there are photos that I like but not good enought for the viewer post if I may say, you know, like the one above, so what can you do with them, most of you know that I use them on my desktop, but know I found a new thing, my iPhone! and here is how it looks:


incredibly nice, I know, and since I hate to use the photos that comes with the computer or download from the net, I’ll be searching my library for more, try too look for some guys, you’ll like it.

another thing I noticed is the reduced quality on the iPhone when transferred from iPhoto to the iPhone, see both pictures above.

2 Comments on “What to do with you other photos”

  1. Khalid says:

    great use of the obsolete old unsatisfactory pictures,, i’m using an iPod .. so i will start rethinking of the old photos i have.

  2. feras says:

    you will like it 😉

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