iPhone 3G


Remember this article “Apple or Nokia” well here is the update: I Got My iPhone 3G 🙂 Yes, I finally did, I had a set of rules for my self that I wont buy and iPhone before all of my rules are satisfied, and there were:

  1. The iPhone must be unlocked and I can update it with out any problems.
  2.  It must have full Arabic SMS support.
  3. If (God forbids) it gets broken, I would find some one to fix it.

after almost 2 years of the iPhone release, the top 2 were checked except the last one, but I was so desperate to buy a new mobile phone, after using my E90 for 2 years I needed more, more support and more creativity and software in my mobile, I need to take things from my desktop very easily, and what better device to so with better than the iPhone, but wait a minute, if it get’s broken I have to throw it in trash pin and buy another one! so I found my self wondering around for a new phone, and nothing came to my like, and I thought if I were going to spend 150 KD or more on a Phone, I might buy something I really want wright? and the new iPhone worth here in Kuwait between 250 to 270 KD, and since every one in Kuwait is now going with the Blackberry hype, I new I would find lots of those idiots selling there old iPhone from the previous iPhone hype, so I went to the used market in Sharq and found a lot of iPhones at the price of 200 KD, 190 KD after bargning (I still think I could have got it for less but I was to anxious to get one) so I got one for KD190, saving my se KD60 to but accessories and lot and lots of software (great softwares are between $0.99 and $3.00)

what do I think of the iPhone after using it for a week? let me put it for you this way: If it gets broken I’ll throw it in the pin and buy a new one.

8 Comments on “iPhone 3G”

  1. Khalid says:

    wain shar6ek mal el ta9lee7 if it gets broken 😛 !? wella 3ala shan it is used betqe6ah w ta5eth wa7ed ydeed 😛 !

    honestly I googled the subject yesterday .. and there are rumers of a new iPhone release with some new enhancement.

    i will wait shwaya 🙂

  2. moayad says:

    Good choice 🙂

    there will be a new OS update soon and it will make it even better with lots of new features.

    I can see you have 5 pages of applications already so I will not recommend you any more :p

    … and check that email.. it might be important! 😛

  3. feras says:

    Khalid, yes I heard about the new iPhone, but I think that rummer came out with the news about the new OS, it could be true but I still wont have any regret of buying this one, any way if there is such a new iPhone I’ll buy it if the one I have now to my wife 😉

  4. feras says:

    Bo Dana, yes I know about that and like you I cant wait to get my hands on it.

    I’m always open for software recommendations brother 🙂 thats the beuty of the iPhone, you can load the freaking thing with thousends of stuff and it keeps going and going… (Masha’a allah)

    and I will check it 😉

  5. moayad says:

    For photography I suggest these lovely things:

    http://tasweery.com/mag/photo-iphone.htm 🙂

    Also try Kids Paint… but don’t show it to the kids because you will no see your phone again :p . Skype is great for when you are not in Kuwait and want to call home.

    I have a question, It looks like you are connected to the internet with EDGE, does it cost extra to get that from Zain or is it included with the subscription? do they have 3G yet? How good is the internet on the iPhone in Kuwait in general?

  6. feras says:

    Thanks bodana, but don’t you think photography software on the iPhone is useless, I don’t know, but since we already edit our photos on the computer and then sync them then there is no need for software on the iPhone, unless it is to edit the photos taken with the phone camera, but then again they are very bad quality wise and does not even worth printing them, have you tried to print and edited photo from your iPhone? how is it?

    regarding kids painting, I have a “No kids touching iPhone” rule 🙂 and yes I have skype.

    I had Edge with my E90, and I guess the service is still there but can’t use it with the iPhone, I’ll look it up.

  7. moayad says:

    It depends on how you use your mobile phone photos. I haven’t printed any iPhone pictures yet so I don’t know howvthey look like, but I usually email the good ones to family or upload them to facebook directly from the phone. That’s why photo applications are important to me 🙂 I only download the photos to the computer to archive them.. they never leave it edited or not.

    My kids are addicted to the iPhone, that’s why I had to protect it with a password 😀

    So are you saying you can not use the Internet on the iPhone with Zain? I think it works with Watania, right?

  8. feras says:

    No it does not work, I tried calling them and asked them to sms me with the EDGE settings for the iPhone, they said they don’t support the iPhone, any way I tracked were I can get the support in Kuwait from Zain to i2 and now last thing sone one told me I might get it from Virgin! I’ll try and see.

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