Page Capture 1

So what does a photographer with a Mac do when he is not editing his photos? He gets Widgets, God damn it this is very much addicted! but fun and nice one of the of the recent widgets I’m using now is called “Page Capture” it simply capture web pages, exactly like the sample picture above, from the same perspective, Mac OS is full of powerful features, one hidden powerful feature that I use all the time is when I find and interesting page on the web and want to show it to a friend, I don’t copy the URL and send it, just simply press “Command I” and see what you get, I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, you can thank me later 😉 so Just like knowing your camera, knowing your OS will help you very much.

3 Comments on “Widgets”

  1. i like this topic a lot .. as am not geck in PC
    so please share with us everything new with Apple

  2. feras says:

    Are you calling me a geek? hmm.. I’ll take that as a complement 🙂 and sure, I’ll post more stuff soon.

  3. hehehe
    some time geek means talent
    and u r :))

    for me am trying to be geek .. trying

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