In the past I wanted to do lots of things, which I did non of them, so I sat and thought why? and I found that in order for me to be a successful photographer who right books, train other photographers, give lectures, have photos that inspire people around the world, I should study professional photographers who have these aspects already, and fond out that they had to take the ladder one step at the time to get to were they are now, I always thought that there was no time, I should learn fast, I should get more good photos now, give lectures, courses all at the same time, well, I was wrong, there will always be time, and the more time I take the batter I will get.

Having photography experience is simply just not enough, I’ll give you an example, say I want to give a photography course, when people who are interested in the course ask about who is ‘Feras’ they must get back a solid CV, if I go to a publication and say I want you to print a photography book for me, they will ask ‘and what are your qualifications?’ I again should have a solid answer, answering any of them with ‘I have 4 years photography experience’ does not count for any thing alone, even if your work back you up, still you need a stronger case, wining a couple of internationally recognized contests will do the trick, even though I’ve seen idiots win contest with lucky shots, but when they get asked about there portfolio they wont have much to offer. To make the story short, what I need to be one good photographer is:

1. More photography experience years than what I have now (much more)

2. Win a lot of internationally recognized photography contests.

3. A great photo portfolio from around the world.

4. Learn better teaching skills

5, Focus more on photography techniques

So my plan is to work on the education part along with the experience of photographing, I’ll also be participating in photography contests more often, explore more and more of the photography world all one step at a time. and for the time being I’ll try to stay away from distractions like flickr (which I already did) try to keep my self away from getting responsibility like giving courses or lectures.

Thats all for now, thank you for reading.

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