a simple picture yet strong emotions


I know what happiness is, part of it’s definition says “… having a sense of confidence in or satisfaction with (a person, arrangement, or situation)” which could be now, yesterday last year, and I also know that a sad memory from a picture can also bring happiness, I’m talking getting happy that a rough period of your life has passed, which at that time mad you cry, but now it makes you happy to remember it, the power that made you happy is the sense you get when remembering were or what you were, whether it is achievement, feeling proud, thankful, confidence  or any happy state of mind it puts you in, strong emotions is what you get, and that could only be achieved from a simple picture.

One Comment on “a simple picture yet strong emotions”

  1. athoub says:

    I totally understand what you mean brother. A moment of happiness I felt when my teacher two days ago was trying to invoke me to say anything.. just for a laugh (Ghashmara) while I was sitting in complete silent in the class. he was saying ” Come on Athoob.. say something it’s your chance to punch me in the face.. Remember 2 years ago when I made you quit the course. Look at you NOW.. come on say something !”

    That moment.. I felt that I have more confidence in me. I believe that I’m now much stronger than before. الحمدلله
    He reminded me with one of the most devastating moments of my life. And I’m Grateful to Allah for giving me a second chance. and Moayad for believing in me 🙂

    About this picture… in my opinion. the most powerful shots are the personal ones. They’re the closest to the heart 🙂

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