What’s up?


As all of you know I have not only hide my flickr account I have completely deleted it! why? I’ll tell, I used flickr to learn and to keep in touch with my friends, now for the learning part I can’t see how much more I could learn from flickr, it was great for the time I started but not good for my stage now, I get more and better information on professional photography sites, regarding the friends I talk to them by phone and emails.

So what am I doing now? actully a lot, and here is a list of the things in no particular order:

  • Studying (not photography related) something to do with my profession.
  • I have Joined the Tasweery team, it’s one that have a great potential to become one of the worlds best arabic photography web sites.
  • The gang in KSC are back in business, I haven’t sit with them yet, but I will soon, and from what I know great stuff is coming up, I guarantee you that this time 😉

What will happen to this blog? I’l keep this one for my silly articles, pictures and the more serious ones will be posted in arabic at Tasweery.com, ohh! I’ll also write here when I’m pissed off from some one or something that I can’t do on a formal web site.

thats all in a nutshell. till next time, take care. 

2 Comments on “What’s up?”

  1. moayad says:

    Welcome to the team Feras 🙂

    We sure appreciate your decision to join the Tasweery team and I’m sure that everybody is looking forward to your thoughts and articles.

    .. and good luck 🙂

  2. Khalid says:

    great plans .. and looking forward to meet you .. it has been long time since I saw u

    good luck

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