The Color of Autumn

I love Autumn, I love every thing about it, weather, color, smell, feeling… every thing, in Autumn, the world changes into another kind of world, some thing different, like it took off a boring dress and suited up with an Armani suit, in Autumn I do things I don’t do at any other season, I go and walk in the parks very much, I sit there for as long as I can, just looking at the colors and feeling the winds as it blows the colorful leaves of the trees, other things I enjoy is stepping over these leaves, they make a sound out of there direness, and you get that smell that is just not describable.

Photographing all that is priceless, I am blessed with a job that requirers me to travel all the time, one of the benefits is being able to photograph such a beauty, the nice thing is that in Autume any thing you photograph will look nice, but to make an outstanding and a unique photo you need to dig deep, you need to be sharp and look every were for the perfect spot to photograph.

In my last visit to London, I went to the Hydepark, and got 3 images that I really love, the one you see up there is the one I love the most. I wish you all could have a taste of Autumn to r=see how beautiful it is to photograph in this season.

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