Back to the basic (with a twist)

After more than two months with out photographing any thing, I dusted off my camera and took it to NYC streets to practice, but now after 3 years of photography, I don’t go out much and wonder in the streets for something to photograph, I only go out to photograph subjects I’m interested in, so I decided to go back to the basics, to the times when I just charged my camera and walked for 5 hours and photographed any thing I see beauty in, so I went out at 7 am just when the sun started to rise high enough in the sky to pass throw NY skyscrapers, with the temperature of 7 degrees centigrade, and me not prepared (cloth wise) for it, it became a bit difficult to photograph, I reached Time warner Center at Columbus Circle (one of my favorite places to photograph) I took 3 or 4 pictures after that my fingers turned blue from the cold, knowing that area helped me locate the nearest Starbuck and got my self a HOT cup of Latte and a nice blueberry coffee cake (hmmmm) any way, while I was sitting there the sun was rising very fast which will turn the lighting to be very strong (and that I don’t like) and that snapped me out of my quality time, so I rushed out and started shooting, I took some nice photo as you can see in the gallery below, some angles are some how extreme others repeated before (I wanted to compare my tech knowledge now and before)  and you’ll also noticed few photos are hard edited (not what I’m used to do) all these are test photos, to see


  • The ability of my camera
  • My tech knowledge
  • Filter effects (digital/actual)

Shortly after less than 30 min, I just could not stand the cold wind hitting my face, and I was satisfied with what I got, I packed my camera and left happy. So pleas have a look at them and post your comments for me to see what you liked and what you dislike.


4 Comments on “Back to the basic (with a twist)”

  1. moayad says:

    I miss those strolling alone with no goal days too, and I’m waiting for a cold and misty day to go out and do it 🙂

  2. feras says:

    yeh I would love that too.

  3. Mahooya says:

    since u ask us our opinion, then i will do so 🙂
    I LIKE : B&W pictures ( specially the first one from the right and on the first raw , i can feel the power of the city in this shot) so it is my fav.

    I like the angel of the picture no.1 from the left-second raw, but the color of the filter is too orange, if u make it lighter will look perfect

    The other pictures remind me of OLD PARALLAX photos

    P.S. I like ur shadow picture .. funny

  4. feras says:

    Thanks sis I appreciate your honesty, yes I agree with you 100%, as you know I post photos here for both pleasure and fun, nothing fancy, I keep the good stuff for a rainy day 😉

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