Expire within 5 days

I received this SMS from Quality-Net the other day, it says ” your DSL service on tel so and so will expire with 5 days, please renew… blah blah blah”and that makes the dead line tomorrow! so  I decided NOT to renew, I want to see how I will survive with out internet, and frankly speaking, I don’t think I’m getting any real benefit from the internet, lately I’m only checking few web sites and my email, thats it, nothing much, but that is taking too much from my time, and I think I can make a better use of my time that wasting it that way, so I made some thinking and here is my list for why I wont renew my DSL:


  • I want to find out is the internet vital to live in this world or not.
  • Have more time to read books and magazines.
  • Learn new stuff on my computer like, video editing, Adobe Illustrator, more about the Mac OS and other stuff.
  • Update my profession information by reading more about it (and no, it is not photography related).
  • Spend more time with my family.
  • and like always I have a secret project (and also no, it is not photography related).
  • and lots of there personal stuff.

The only thing I know I will miss is communicating with you guys, other wise I don’t see any potential things that might attempt me to come back. Also note that I have tried to do some thing like that in the past and failed but this time is different, I hope so.

Thank you all for your support and I wish I will come back with all my list established, wish me luck.

9 Comments on “Expire within 5 days”

  1. moayad says:

    First, I hope you read this before the expiry date :p

    I tried living without internet several times, and, believe it or not, those times were the happiest of my life! 😀

    You do feel different without internet. Life becomes simpler and filled with more love. It’s like quitting cocaine, you get a new happy life after it!

    To be honest, internet is like cocaine.. they both cause addiction, and addictions make your life miserable without noticing. You will not know what you’re missing until you do quit.


    Unfortunately, unlike cocaine sometimes you do “need” the internet. It became inseparable part of our life in one way or another..

    Do try living without it.. and enjoy the experience, but the long time solution is to organise the internet time. We tried to give our selves 2 or 3 hours of internet a day, and that worked like a charm :), but unfortunately never lasted for long.. maybe we should give it another try 🙂

  2. feras says:

    You are absolutely right, I think eventually I’ll get my DSL back, and I might limit my usage of it to few hours a day, but I know that could lead to addiction, and one hour will lead to another, and thats the whole day gone in 60 seconds (I just wanted to say that last part) but as you said, I’ll try the experience.

    and yes I can read it cos I’m not at home, does that count as not having DSL 😛

  3. mahooya says:

    I dare you 😛

    You cant live without internet more than 2 weeks 😀

    P.S : i forgot to mention that u will use the internet outside ur home

    We will miss ur posts and ur pictures

  4. mahooya says:

    Have a relaxe two weeks 😛

  5. Rosaholic says:

    ok, i won’t comment since you won’t read it. i am not commenting. no i won’t say anything.

  6. Haitham says:

    well, living without internet connection might work for sometime, but still you will need the net as part of your life. let me ask you this:
    1- have ever imagined living without your cell phone? back in 1993 we were( Kuwaiti Students in USA) the only students who has cell phones… and in year 2000 every single person on the states had a phone….

    the same this for the net… it was dial up connection and now DSL and E-GO… and Allah knows what is going to be in the future…..
    online search is great for the us and our kids … it is replacing the libraries in the states…. here in Kuwait you don’t have this type of facility ( not on the time being at least).

    so for me I think even if I am not using the net all the time, I think having it is essential…

    good luck and communicate with you later 😉

  7. Khalid says:

    That won’t work with me guys ! my work depends solely on emails and communication even outside working hours ! I wish I could do it at least for 1 week !

    wish you good luck in your projects and may God bless your time and becomes 48 hours a day 😛

    good luck

  8. feras says:

    Hi guys, I’m still “home free internet” I’m as you guessed in a hotel, and life with out internet is… “Free” try it is fun. I don’t think I’m subscribing any time soon, till I have finished the 1000’s tasks that I have in my hand, till then take care.

    Maha, Oh they will be more than that 😉

    Rosa, I did read it.

    Haitham, Thanks mate.

    Khalid, I wish you could try it, it is nice 🙂

  9. Mahooya says:

    first of all ” 3eadek mbarak ”

    well good for u .. that u made it .. i didnt think that u will .. so u WON 🙂
    i do that when i travel .. i become intrent free and it is freedom

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