New Doors (part two)

Why did I chose Sigma over a Nikon Lens, here are my points: 


  • Price, Nikon is $1,600 compared to Sigma $800.


and thats it, do you really need a better reason? OK, if I tell you that the Sigma lens is half good as the Nikon, with that price, the deal is good right? well what if I tell you it is 60% as good? were in real and after I tried it, I just cant see any different between both! so why pay that much for Nikon? I tell you, the Nikon has a better built body and from what I understand is that they use better kind of glass, so the bottom line, if your budget is tight go with the Sigma, if you have the cash, buy the Nikon.

Another advantage the Nikon has over the Sigma is the VR, in general I never liked the VR, I don’t see any benefit from it, yes it lets you use the lens with a lower shutter speed than usual but it also reduces it sharpens, now VR in the 70-200 mm is useless (to me) because of two reasons:


  1. The major use of the 70-200 mm is Portrait photography, and the way I  photograph portrait is not like what we see in studios, the look at the camera and smile kind, no I love spontaneous portrait, they are the real life photos, they are the kind that tells you who is that person in the photo, and for that you wont be photographing with very slow shutter (as much as letting the VR work) because all you’ll get is blurry images, especially kids, to freeze there movement you need at leas a shutter speed of 1/250.
  2. With the newer cameras now in the market like the Nikon D300 (cough mine cough) you can increase the ISO to +800 and get very crisp photos with very high shutter speed to freeze movement.


here are some sample pictures:


(click image to in large)

Thats the technical part form more tips on photographing kids portraits, please visit my blog soon for Part three.

5 Comments on “New Doors (part two)”

  1. Rosaholic says:

    thanks for the info.
    handheld or monopod?

  2. feras says:


  3. Mahooya says:

    well u have a point …

    Handheld .. is it lighter than nikon

  4. Khalid says:

    First of All;

    Congrats. 🙂

    I’ve read a review once about this lens. it was below average !

  5. feras says:

    Maha, good luck.

    Khalid, Thanks bo-dalool, I think the review you read did not give this lens what it deserve, if you see my photos you really love it, I know Canon’s better but I got this one less than half its price 😉

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