New doors (part one)

I do a lot of study when I want to do some thing, and taking photos on my last vacation had big plans, unfortunately, all of them failed, except the important one (my family pictures) and what better lens other than 70-200 mm will be better to do the job, so few days before my vacation I decided to get me one of those babies, but having just bought the Sigma 105 mm, buying another lens and one like the 70-200 mm is just too much money spent, but visualizing all the images I can get for my family with the lens I just had to get it, so I did, yes you heard me, you are looking (or should I say reading) at a new owner of a 70-200 mm lens, here is the catch, I had to down grade my choice of brand, I wanted the Nikon one but looking at the tag price turned me off, so with the my previous experience with Sigma lenses (50 mm & 105 mm) I did a search on the Sigma one, and I liked it, so I went and got my self a brand new Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8 II EX DG MACRO HSM, it is one great lens I tell you, sharp and fast, and with my Nikon D300 it opened new doors for me…. to be continued.

7 Comments on “New doors (part one)”

  1. mahooya says:

    chenk tdree ana my target is 70-200 .. and since you are expert in sigma :p can you tell me why nikon is expensive than sigma! and is the resut the same @@

  2. mahooya says:

    i was reading link for sigma and i noticed that ur lens doesn`t have VR ! the lens is heavy don`t you think this is important features in the lens!


  3. feras says:

    Very good question Maha, I’ll reply on that in my (Part 2) of this editorial (inshala tomorrow)

  4. Mahooya says:

    yallah 9ar 2moro meta btnzl al topic 😛

  5. Rosaholic says:

    i knew it! just from looking at some photos! alf mabrook, wetkasirha bil 3afya.

  6. feras says:

    Maha, here you go it is there 🙂

    Samar, Surprise is my middle name 😉

  7. Khalid says:

    Allah ya36eek 5airha w ykafeek sharha 🙂

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