Forgetting what it is all about

 You must have noticed me uploading photos more than often these days, there is a reason behind that, the reason is that people have forgotten what photography is all about, and why they have started photograph in the first place, just have a look at your contacts photos in Flickr (thats if you do) and see how people deviated from learning or photographing for a reason to just playing, and turning photography to just some sort of a joke, real photography changes nations, have governments removed, raise millions of dollars for the survival of  mankind, people wake up, dig down inside your sole and photograph something that would have an effect on others, not just to hear “nice DoF” or increase the number of comments on your account, get out of the world of Flickr and I promise you, you will become a better photographer, start reading magazines, books, start noticing photos at any place you see them, and think why the photographer did this and that, you know, when ever I see a photo, I think “f” stops, metering and focal length, why did he photograph this thing that way and so on.

I don’t just point my camera at any thing and shot any more, I have to see something that has a meaning, it should be in sertin times too, when the light is perfect.

Posting photos for people to see is an important matter, people spend there time on the internet, so if we post photos that are worthless that means we have wasted there time and ours too.

Lets start again, from the beginning, why we chose photography and why are we photographing, then hold our cameras and start photographing again.

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