News flash “we have clouds”

Yes my fiends what you are watching now in our beloved country HOT sky is a phenomena called clouds, OK I’m exaggerating but I have not seen clouds in Kuwait since April, and we are now almost August, in this month humidity rise and that is a good coz for clouds to form, I say all that because if we want to photograph something we need clouds, but we still have the hot weave, thats why you need to wake up early this month if you are interested in getting some good results and actually survive to see them, and not die from dehydration or get a sun strike.

Here is my problem, I don’t have my camera, I don’t even have a single thing from equipment, no lenses, not CF nothing, so all I can do is just look at the sky 😦 damn!

2 Comments on “News flash “we have clouds””

  1. Mahooya says:

    2day was cloud fever :p … i was in my office when i received sms from my friend telling me don’t miss the cloud and the blue sky ! i was stunned .. cloud and blue sky .. i thought it was a joke till my msn friend telling me check the window !! oh then it is real .. i was so happy and i try to think of place to shot and thinking and thinking .. till my work end and i saw the heat and say to myself ” landscape can wit till november .. they will not run” and i had a great nap :p

  2. feras says:

    Yes Maha, It sure can wait 🙂

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