Macro first impression

I’m a landscape and urban photography guy, I never really had any real macro experience, and for the sake of experience and knowledge I’m now photographing macro, for my first impression about macro I say:

  • I’m used to big subject like buildings or big rocks, with macro every thing is small and a bit difficult to compose.
  • When you look throw the lens, you see a new world.
  • You focus so much on your subject it becomes very difficult to spot distractions (dirt, leaves… ets.)
  • Macro is no different kind of Photography, it need the same elements in any other kind (light, subject, composition…)
  • In out, wind is a killer, you either have to have some thing to hold the subject for you or have a Nikon D300 😉
  • You’ll need to learn more about how your camera can help you, like the Live preview option.
  • Different settings needed, for example your use wider aperture when I’m used you smaller settings for landscapes.
  • Needs too much patient and sharp eyes.
  • For out doors prepare to get dirty, you’ll need to get down on your knees in the dirt and even some times lay down, not to mention pigeons poop falling on you.
  • A good Tripod is vital to have, I recommend the Manfrotto 190xpro.






















So, will I leave landscape and urban photography for macro, of course not, but will I add it to my list of photography, that is something I have to think about. Till my next experience in macro, take care.

4 Comments on “Macro first impression”

  1. Mahooya says:

    You recomend a great tripod .. is it only for us who doesn`t have d300 or d3 ! or u use it .. and in this case why @@

    The dirt is an issue 🙂

    but pigeon poops … a55555 .. hathy qawaih .. sorry bro bs i laughed when i read it .. i was imagining u in that situation 😀

  2. Khalid says:

    add it add it 😉

  3. feras says:

    Maha, I do use the tripod if I want a low ISO if not (for practice purposes) I can go hand held, and glad I could make you laughe sis 🙂

  4. feras says:

    Khalid, I’ll add it just for you ya Bo-Dalool.

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