First Time (real) Macro

I just came back from Regents Park, were you’ll find the nice flowers, I went there to try out both my new Sigma 105mm lens and my Macro skills, now instead of talking, why don’t I show you:

So what do you think? 

Note: be nice, this is my first time.

5 Comments on “First Time (real) Macro”

  1. Mahooya says:

    To be honest with u .. it is very hard to see men interested in shotting flowers and represent them in nice, abstract, colorful way … U have what it need to be macro man 🙂

  2. Mahooya says:

    One more thing .. i was expecting to read about ur exeperiance with macro lens .. what was difficulty, did u enjoy it .. things like that 🙂

  3. feras says:

    haha thanks, and I’ll write about my experience soon.

  4. haitham says:

    masha’allah….. nice collection. macro is great world…. but yet we really need to choose the right subject that mean something for us.
    sure you got the right one for you.

  5. feras says:

    Thanks Haitham

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