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A lot of people might be upset with me after they read this post, but please read and understand my point, lately I’ve been noticing people congratulating each others on having there photos on Flickr Explore page, and what I need to know is what are they congratulating each other for? you must have seen it, they go like wooooooow, mashalah, mabooooook, testahal wala… and other shit (excuse my French) I mean it is obviously that Flicker people are not choosing the “BEST” pictures there are in the whole web site, so what are you so happy about, you are not winning any thing, you are not chosen between all these people in Flickr, all they are doing is, in some order a computer or something is putting all these images in one place, you might say OK I got lucky and they chose mine, well so did all the shity photo, if you don’t beleive me take a few minutes and visit the Explore page and see how many crappy pictures you’ll find, mean while here are some examples.

Exhibit A:

Check out the diffrence between both marked photos, and I’m not eveing talking about the title.

Exhibit B:

For the sake of argument I’ll say that this picture is fair,but man what a title.


Exhibit C:

I called this “The Shit” people “WHAT THE %^%$#@*^(&##%@%*^&)&*_()*&^%##$@”

I rest my case.

4 Comments on “Flickr Explore”

  1. athoub says:

    I’ve never trusted the explore cuz I feel it’s a generating machine. !
    In another word, I don’t think that humans behind this photographic disaster!

  2. moayad says:

    I’ve been subscribed to Flicker for about 2 and a half years, during this period I’ve only browsed the Explore pages -with my own free will- 2 or 3 times max, and that’s for the exact same reasons you mentioned in this post.

    But do I get exited when one of my pictures get featured in explore?

    I must admit…. yes 🙂

    It is good to be recognised for your work from time to time even if this recognition is of no real value, and the flickr people are smartly playing on this concept to keep their members attached. I just don’t get too exited to the extent of taking a screenprint of the page to repost it on flickr or keep it as a trophy in my archive or something!

    I can’t blame young photographers (of young age or young experience) for the over excitement, but this is one of the things you must learn to let go of as you grow older if you want to be taken seriously.

    By the way, you should see the Video Explore! It will make you cry!!

  3. Mahooya says:

    For me, i never bother my self to understand how they choose the picture .. and thanks Feras for the explantion … i was surprise for some pictures to be choosen in Explorer !

  4. Khalid says:

    I do agree with u, sometimes I get sick the time I saw a picture like the shitty one and worse !!!

    It is an algorithm built in in the flickr engine, picking based on hits, favs, views , etc .. no human intervention and an artistic choice !!

    this is what I call shit !

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