My New all in one Printer

I Bought this printer 2 days ago The HP Photosmart C5183, it serves my need of printing 4 by 6 photos and A4 size too and my regular paper prints, emails…ets, at first I did a search on the net and chose a completely different one (but same brand) but as you know not every thing is available in Kuwait, so I when to Al-Ghanim “Safat Al-Ghanim) and found some nice models but not the one I need, so I thought “should I wait and buy it from the states?” but if you were like me, you won’t be able to resist, when I go with “buy minded” I must buy, I can’t even wait to go to another store and look for what I want (unless I really want that thing, but that is something else) so I chose mine on the following basis:


  • Style, looks (that comes first to me)
  • All in one (printer, scanner)
  • Affordable Ink.
  • Good picture print.
  • Mac compatibility.
  • Extra (Card reader, screen)


and fortunatly, I got all the abouve and a little bit more, have a look at this video from c|net:

I know this is C5180 and mine is newer, but they both function the same, any how, what I love in this printer is that it has two trays, and with the above tray you can load the 4 by 6 photo paper into it as you seen on the video, to me that is the best part, it saves me the trouble looking for the damn papers every time I want to print a photo, and it also has a little window that you can look throw to check if they run out of papers, It works flawlessly with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and I got some great results from it.

5 Comments on “My New all in one Printer”

  1. Khalid says:

    congrats Feras 😉

  2. moayad says:

    Unlike you, I never make a major purchase (and sometimes small ones) without a deep research. I wish I can just go to a shop and buy the thing, but I can’t 🙂

    Printers these day are all the same. The print quality, the speed and sometimes even the features are all the same. The major differences between the printer brands is price (of the printer and ink) and built quality.

    Paper is also important. I’t true you can use any brand of paper with any printer, but you usually get the best quality if you use paper of the same brand as your printer.

    O belbaraka 🙂

  3. feras says:

    Thanks ya bo dala.

    Moayad, I do search heavily like you on things that cost a lot and I love but this printer was for only KD30 so how bad can it be 😉

  4. moayad says:

    Aha 😀

    In that case there wont be a problem, you can buy a new one when the ink run out if you don’t like it :p

  5. moayad says:

    Speaking of cheap printers..

    Here is something I think you will find interesting:

    It’s a bit long, but it’s really worth watching. You can download the movie from here as well:

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