Are you still photographing?

Have you noticed how people think of photography as a way to waste time? me too, here is what happen when someone know that you are a photographer:

  • First they start asking why photography?
  • Second they ask what do you photograph?
  • Third, why do you photograph?

and then more and more stupid questions comes, but after some time they start asking one single question and they keep reapiting it:

  • Are you still photographing?
  • then, Are you still photographing?
  • after few days, Are you still photographing?
  • after weeks, Are you still photographing?
  • months, Are you still photographing?
  • when they notice you that you did not photograph for some time, Are you still photographing?
  • when you don’t talk photography for some time, Are you still photographing?
  • when you open the news paper you find and add that says “Are you still photographing?” (I made that up)

Well for God sake stop asking me that question, it is really annoying, and you know what, I found out why they keep asking, because as we said in the beginning they think it is only a way to kill time and they pre judged you from the beginning and told you that some day you will stop, and they want to be right so that they say “I told you so” and put that stupid smile and look on there faces that says I know and you don’t know.

So what do you say when they pop the question, chose from the list below:

Someone: “Are you still photographing?”

  • “I promise you, when I stop photography you’ll be the first to know”
  • “I did, so tell me that you told me so and then piss off”
  • “I’ll tell you when you tell me when will you stop asking that”
  • “@#*&$ You!”

Thank you for reading.

4 Comments on “Are you still photographing?”

  1. Khalid says:

    If that person annoyed me long time by asking this silly question, I would be happy to choose the last one 😉

    great to see you back to blogging 😉

  2. athoub says:

    I think some people misunderstand the difference between a serious photographer and an amateur
    the serious photographer will be a photographer no matter how long his/her work is on pause.

    Meanwhile, other people just love it when they bet on your failure and win!
    wasting their time watching your moves and getting on your nerves by their stupid behaviors.

    My Answer to your question is No.1 ;p

  3. feras says:

    Khalid,Thanks bro, and good choice of answer 😉

    athoub, I agree sis, and No.1 is what I say to these people 🙂

  4. Mahooya says:

    OMG .. i thought i am the only one who face this question !
    I can add another reson for ppl who keep asking and asking .. i guess it is sometime good start for converstion .. some ppl lve to talk and talk and talk and if there is no other subject, they will say ARE YOU STILL PHOTOGRAPHING !!

    for me, i will go with ans. No.3

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