The Search

Since it is summer, and I’m planing to go on a vacation with my familly, I desided to ad a little spice to my photography, and what better way to do that other than buying a new lens, but what kind of lens, I thought really hard about that, but for the recored lets list my current weapons:


  • 12-24 mm Nikon
  • 18-200 mm Nikon
  • 50 mm (Macro) Sigma


So what I’m am missing here, actually nothing but to convince my self to spend the money on some thing worthy, I thought of ways to photograph that I can’t do with these lenses 😛 and I conclude that I need a good macro lens, with the 50 mm I have I cant really get close enough to my subject with out blocking the light (I know lame excuse but but I gave it my best shot!) and another thing is that with 50 mm it is very difficulet to get close to instinct with out scaring them off, so I need a 105 mm, and there are to condidates, the Nikon 105, picture below:

and as you see the price $900 freaking dolors, while the Sigma picture below:

and as you see the price is almost half price, so now the question is, is the Nikon 2 times better than the Sigma, the answer is No, shocked, yeah me too, yes there is no doubt Nikon use better lenses and elements, but with that price differs we expect to get more for our money, I did a big search on the quality of both and the Nikon won with a little not noticeable to us difference (or shall I say the difference does not worth the extra bucks)

so the winner is:

3 Comments on “The Search”

  1. moayad says:


    I don’t like saying that, but in Canon land we have the well known 100mm f2.8 macro for less than $450.

    The Nikon has some kind of vibration reduction technology, which is smart and much needed for macro photography… BUT… you can buy the Sigma AND a ring flash for less than the price of the Nikon 🙂

  2. feras says:

    man from what I heard from the guys Canon lenses are very expensive! but $450 is sooo cool, luky you ;(

  3. Mahooya says:

    well .. seem u did ur Homework 🙂
    Congrat. for ur sigma and waiting for your TOP SECRET PROJECT

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