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I think the “Professional” Web site idea has failed, the web developer asked for a very high price to do what I want, which is pretty much simple (in my view) he asked for 400 KD! and that is too much for a portfolio web site that I can’t even update and If I wanted to, it will again cost me God knows how much, so I went to plan B, O made up a .Mac account, and now my web portifolio and blog are on the same page, I desinged it to be very simple and modern (I don’t like complecations) and your inital openion is very much appreciated,  and for that I’m giving you a sneak peck at my latest photos there in my web site.Thank you in advance. Here is the link: 

4 Comments on “My Web Site”

  1. moayad says:

    If the designer is really good then 400 KD is a reasonable price, but I doubt there is a designer in Kuwait good enough to do a work worth that sum of money for a portfolio site 🙂

    You know my opinion on .mac hosting, so I will just tell you that the design you did is very good, all you have to do is change the text.. and maybe make the pictures in the portfolio bigger.

    … and get a real domain name and forward it to your site.

  2. Mahooya says:

    As this website dedicated to photography i think that size of pictures you uploud it small ( you should make it bigger). another thing text is small and difficult to read ( and by the way writing is not in english !!)
    Also can you make space of writing bigger, the gray space is too big in my opinion

  3. feras says:

    Thank you guys for your notes, I used most of them, now the web site is at its soft launch, you can see it on , I still need to wright some articles and add more photos, but that will take some time, please let me know what you think, Thank you.

  4. photobiz says:

    so simple and stylish 😉

    go on Feras

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