501 Must “Photograph” Natural Wonders


I don’t recommend photographers to limit there thinking to one place, in our case that place is Kuwait, yes it is beautiful and has lots of place to photograph but we should also see the wonders of the word, part of photography is seeing things you never thought they exist, and photograph them and show them to the rest of the world with your eye point of view, for that I bought this book, it is called “501 must-visit natural wonders” my target is to go to one place around the world every year, I know I wont make it till I’m 501 but at at least I tried 😉 my point is to have a target and go for it, do it once, forget about shopping and think photography, and I promise you, you will never forget this time. The book is priced $20 in Amazon.com I got it for $10 at the bargen shelf from Borders, yes lucky me 🙂 

Thank you for reading. 

5 Comments on “501 Must “Photograph” Natural Wonders”

  1. Mahooya says:

    Lucky you, you can travel around the world easier than other :p
    i agree with you that these places will be a good memory for us .but quiting SHOPPING is tooooooooooo hard to do .. am working on that but still hard

  2. عاشه says:

    فكرة جميلة
    طبعا السفر مفيد والواحد يستفيد من سفراته
    وأعتقد المصور كاميرته رفيقة دربه وفي حله وترحاله
    سواء كان في بلاده أو في أي مكان

  3. photobiz says:

    interesting book .. I hope I go on a trip especially for photography !

  4. photobiz says:

    seriously we should consider doing another type and place for photography .. interesting book 😉

  5. Mariam says:

    i need to read this book ,
    Mahooya : men ta3allamt diving o i quit shopping o all my destinations 9arat for having fun and diving with my family 😀 na9e7aa quit shopping 😉

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