2008 Resolution


Every year we here people talking about there new year resolution, but how many of them we actually do in that year or the year after, but that does not mean we shouldn’t do it, it is a good first step, to do what you always wanted to do, but thinking of the thing you want to do/not do, is not enough, write them some were and read them every now and then to remind your self of them, hey who know we might actully do some of them 😉 This year I did my home work, and I’ve split my resolution to 2 parts, my privet life and photography, to help you write your resolution list, I’ll show you mine, here we go:

  • Participate in photography contest out side Kuwait.
  • Photograph my wife and kids, then print and hang oh the wall.
  • Become an expert in photoshop.
  • Make a professional portfolio web site.
  • Buy the following lenses (………) write yours.
  • Buy a new camera (name your choice) by the end of the year.
  • Organize my computer photo library.
  • Send some of my photos to magazines.
  • Photograph the following places  (…….) list yours.

That list should get you started and the more details you write the better for example if you want to learn PS, write lear the basics of PS in 1 month, another thing you should know, is that you should set realistic targets, for example don’t say buy a Nikon D3 and you know you cant afford it, it wont do you any good. Thank you for reading. 

4 Comments on “2008 Resolution”

  1. H.AlRoumi says:

    i have monthly resolution if things related to photography

    and searching for a goel via my pictures

    i would like to add something here feras

    always add an alternativ plan ( if A didnt work , swtich to B or C )

    what is my goals for the short terma???
    what are my gols for the long terms ???

    mst important thing is : to write them dowm on a paper and keep it hanging on a wall , tell your goal come in ACTION.

    the problem with us , that we dont know what we want .

    good luck with your plan 😉

    and good bless your family ( wife and kids )

  2. Mahooya says:

    That is a good start to do every year
    i already wrote my 2008 resolution
    but i need to have one for photogrphy
    and i must start from point 7 in your list

  3. photobiz says:

    I didn’t do that honestly .. it is the time to think about it seriously 🙂

  4. photobiz says:

    I didn’t do that at all unfortunately !!

    i think it is time to think of this seriously !

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