Too much equipment


“It is not important how many lenses you have it is how good a photographer you are”

 Sadly a lot people say if I get this lens I will make great photos, well I’m sorry to tell you pal that if you are not getting good photos with what you have you are not getting any thing, even if you have all the lenses in the world.


How many times have you seen people talk about lenses and saying having a 1.4 or 1.8 is great, they don’t realize that some time a smaller aperture (depend on kind of photography)  is much appreciated, some others go and buy all the lenses they can get in the first few days of there photography experience, man I was shocked the other day when I saw a new guy to photography and asked him what kind of lens he brought for the work shop? he gave me a list of very expensive lenses, one of them was Nikon 70-200! and till today I never seen a decent photo taken by him, the point is, don’t go too fast, buy one lens with a focal length of 17-70 mm then when you master it, then go and look for others, but only one at a time.


Here is a list of the kind of photographers I met:


  •  Aperture photographers: only talks about “f” stops.
  • Sharp photographers: only talks about how sharp the photo is.
  • Lens hobbyist: some people collect stamps they collect lenses.
  • Show offs: Walk between people with longest lens they can get and never really use them.
  • Go with the flow: they see good photos, and think well I can do that too, but they are so far from it, and they know it, so they just stick with other photographers and go with the flow.
  • I’ve been photographing for 2 days and I know every thing photographer: self explained.

Thank you for reading.

5 Comments on “Too much equipment”

  1. athoub says:

    hehehehe (Galba Matroosa) and so I is mine !

  2. عاشه says:

    بس حرام عليك ياأخوي فراس

    يعني أنا قريت التصنيفات وماشفت نفسي من ضمنهن
    شو أسوي يعني

    يعني حط تصنيف عن الناس الي مثل حالي
    يحبون التصوير ويستمتعون فيه ويجربون كل شي
    مش محترفين بس يحاولون يشقون طريقهم في هالهوايه

  3. Khalid says:

    Good point .. I totally agree with you. categorizing photographers here is fair enough.
    I don’t see why should I collect lenses all at once !!

    from an experience .. let me talk about using Canon macro twin flash. I really confess that I didn’t use it more than 3 times since I bought 3 months ago !

    I was thinking ,, yeah all the guys have their equipment ready for Macro shots this spring .. so why I don’t get complete set for Macro shots !? .. and this is the result !! I spent 170 KD on nothing “until now”.

    thanks for raising this issue

  4. Maha says:

    what a topic ! i agree with you ,, the more you bought the more you get confuse and the less relation u will get with ur lens .. i agree with u .. buy one lens, use it , enjoy it and master it then u can go for the next topic.
    wallah u r good observer .. i like how u segregate photographer and it is true :p
    Finally, what alost for stoping ur blog, urs is the first to read every other day
    And, u forgot to say what lens u bought 🙂
    allah ywafgek enshallah with all ur plans and wishes

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