Winter is killing me


That you see up there is a sample of my winter collection, I my self, never thought winter would be so beautiful, but damn it is so cold and so difficult to motivate your self to go out in wind, cold, rain and very early in the morning to get some nice shots (not mentioning I have only 2 lenses now) but it sure worth it, and as I told you in winter, the best timing for photography is very early in the morning and I mean 

EARLY, like you have to be out before sun rise, sure you can get good photos later, but they wont be as nice, and I believe that any thing that is difficult to get is always better than the easier choice.

I’ll try to go out again tomorrow, that is if you don’t get lazy, all the photos I took were with my 10-20 (before I sold it) and today I used the 18-200, so I have to try the 50 mm tomorrow and see what I’ll come up with.

 Thank you for reading. 

3 Comments on “Winter is killing me”

  1. maha says:

    If u need motivation .. u have us 🙂 .. we are waiting for ur winter collection 😛
    I didn`t know that in the winter u need to get early to have great shot .. what is the secret !!
    and how come u shot with ur 10-20 !?! u said u sold it !! and by the way u forget to tell us what did u buy !!
    Am i nagging or not yet 😛

  2. Khalid says:

    when will u have sale 😛 !?

    this is the winter collection .. inshalla if there is SALE .. I will be available 😛

    very nice shot .. one question ?

    why did u sell you 10-20 !!!?

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