I miss it


Yesterday I did something that I hope I wont regret, I’m just going to say it, I sold my “fish eye” yes I did, my Nikon 10.5 mm lens, and to make things worse I sold the lens that I loved and used the most, my 

Sigma 10-20 mm, man just saying it makes me want to cry 😦  and do I have a good reason for doing so, well I do, it was a very bold decision from me that I hope I will not regret, the reason is because I fell in love with wide angle lenses, you probably saying now “Then why in hell did you sell them?” here is the deal, yes the fish eye is nice and every thing but I don’t use it so often, I just don’t like the distortion it makes with my kind of photography, I like to see something pretty much real, “then why sell the Sigma?’ you are asking again, because I “THINK” there is a better quality lens, and with the amount of photos I’m shoting with wide angle; I though I should get my self a better one, and that better one happens to be a…. I’ll tell you later, when I buy it.

I hope I did the right thing, but for now, I miss my 10-20. 

Thank you for reading. 

4 Comments on “I miss it”

  1. Maha says:

    whats wrong with u !! u r teasing me again !!
    am reading and reading and trying to find the full story and BOOM, to be continue !!
    I was shock when i read that u sold the beloved one ( fisheye and wide angel) i always think that u will put it in fram after u r done of it 🙂
    I guess nikon is producing a new wide angel lens … mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i will search the net for the new wide angel 😛

  2. عاشه says:

    حركات التشويق والسسبنس تراها تحرضنا إنا نكتب ونسأل

    مش راضي تراوينا صورك اليديده
    ومش راضي تخبرنا عن عدستك اليديده

    ترا الفضول قاتل عند بعض الناس

  3. maha says:

    did u see what did u make !!
    u must tell now 😦

  4. razzbuffnik says:

    You did the right thing. Fish-eye lens photos look gimmicky and I for I, don’t like to see them too often.

    Ultra wide angle lenses without barrel distortion on the other hand are fantastic.

    The really great thing about wide angle lenses is that they enable one to place a subject in a context rather than isolate it with a telephoto lens.

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