Winter is Here

The colorful season of Fall is over and Winter is here, a lot of people hate this season mostly because if it’s low temperatures and dull colors, but not me, this creates another challenge and another adventure. So as you see here I already started photographing Winter “themed” photos, and I’m pretty much exited, I went out last week end 

for about two and a half hours, and I got some great shots, bad for you I decided not to post any of them this time, not here not in flickr, they will only be shown at a worthy photo exhibition, other wise they will never see the light of day, so why am I posting that photo up there, you can say it is a teaser 😉

 I’ll keep you updated on were I go and what I shoot, but thats it, no photos, till then, thank you for reading.

4 Comments on “Winter is Here”

  1. me says:

    you ARE such a tease

  2. Maha says:

    i was so exited to see ur beautiful pictures ( specially that i love this season ) and then u say no more pictures … i am mad now 😦

  3. Khalid says:

    Good luck Bro.

    I hope we can see some in an exhibition soon 😉

  4. Maha says:

    am waiting for the new photo .. in case u change ur mind 🙂 🙂 🙂

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