David Noton


Today I’ll Introduce you to one of my photography idols, Photographer/Writer David Noton, I learned a lot from him, and still am, this is one photographer that I feel connected to, same thoughts same ideas, it some times scare me, for example, some times I think of a subject in photography and in few days

 I find him writing about it in a magazine! and one wish I have is to meet him in person and attend one of his workshops. I wont talk much here, instead I’ll let you go throw his web site. Enjoy.


Thank you for reading. 

4 Comments on “David Noton”

  1. iNouf says:

    he sure got some impressive works !
    hope u get the chance to meet him too 🙂

    p.s just checked ur works at flickr and man they were amazing mashallah ..

  2. Khalid says:

    I’d like to know more about him .. thanks Feras for putting the link here 😉

  3. Darabeel says:

    I Visited his wesite, cool stuff, I have just gotten into photography my self 🙂 with a Nikon D80, what is your userID in flickr, I would realy be intersted in seeing your work.

  4. Darabeel says:

    Visited your flickr cool stuff dude

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