I now shopping is for women, but I can go to this place every day. it it called MUJI, it is a Japanese modern shop, they sell almost every thing, think of it as a smaller version of IKEA but this one is Japanese, the thing I love the most from there products are “stationaries” you know, note books, pens, pencils… I have tons of them, most of them are still

 fresh and never been used, what got me exited is that MUJI was only available in Europe, and this shop (Picture above) is the first one in the USA, located in SOHO, Manhattan, NY.


When ever you are in London or NY, make sure you pay them a visit, it is really worth it, but I worn you, it is very much addicted, but hey I’m not buying from Gucci or Channel right?


Note: Photos above taken with a Nokia E90. 

3 Comments on “My MUJI”

  1. athoub says:

    I love how they mix simplicity & creativity. Muji fashion are cool too.
    This post make me want to shop at Muji right now!
    the problem is …. It’s Christmas day :p

  2. feelingstalk says:

    i know this store, but i didn`t visit it yet, this is my brother addiction and he love the stationaries too .. i so the products it is very elegent and smart. i don`t know why i didn`t go there yet, but maybe cause i spend my money with other things..mmmmmmmmmmm.. i guess my next visit to London this store will be my first direction 🙂

  3. Khalid says:

    come on !! these photos were taken by nokai 😛 !!

    walla mo hayen !!

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