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Today I did a presentation on “Composition” in KSC, under the name of “Composition, Tricks and Techniques”  so for those who attended, your feedback is highly appreciated, if you do not wish to write your name, please sign is as “Anonymous” and use the following email to log in (not to send to, coz I don’t use it)So thank you for attending and for your time to read and write.

5 Comments on “Your Feedback”

  1. kuw_son says:

    your presentation is more than great, I really learned some new tips from you ostath Feras 🙂
    thank you for spending some time preparing this good presenation.

    My brother “Yousef” used to say .. Feras is posting ordinary pictures .. he has different opinion that mine in your still life pictures .. but after he attended this presentation ,, I asked him “haaaa what do say now after what u saw Feras with his real pictures?” he said “WOW !! I thought he has just the pictures he is posting from time to time in flickr” !!

    that was my feed back 😉

  2. Maha says:

    first i don`t say anything for mojamalh ,, this is my true opinion 🙂
    I told you before ” you are a great speaker and teacher ,, you just have it 🙂 ”
    The topice was very intresting to me , cause i used to wonder alot about many things that you addressed in the presentation .. also for me,i`d like to interact with different photographers disscus with them and see their point of view and learn from their experiance ..
    I have small suggestion in case you did the same presentation again or you could group the pictures and talk about each group together .. i mean if you are talking about 1/3 rule it is nice to have 3 different pictures of the same rule but taken differntly that will emphises the idea and the questions will be directed to the same way

  3. feras says:

    kuw son, thanks bro, your support really drives me to more.

    Maha, thanks a lot, this is exactly the kind of notes I’m looking for, you really helped.

  4. Hani Sayed Shaaban says:

    Dear Feras, I am sorry i couldnt attend. will you present it again sometime later

  5. Maha says:

    It has been long time without any post ! am waiting 🙂

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