Photo & Story


I’m starting a new series of subjects, I call it “Photo & Story” were I’ll photograph one place, and talk about it a bit, were is it located, what they are, and what’s it means to me, in just few lines, no more than 4 to 6 lines, at the same time, I’m trying to document the places I like to visit. So, here we go:

Since I’m a coffee addict, I’ll start with one of my favorite cafes “Juan Valdez Cafe” I love there coffee, to give you a taste of how good it is, it is ten times better than Starbucks, and I’m not exaggerating, this particular cafe (picture above) is located in Time Square, Manhattan, NY, love to go there for 2 things, there coffee taste good, the cafe has a modern design, which I also like.

 Thank you for reading. 

4 Comments on “Photo & Story”

  1. amateurish says:

    I love the idea of photographing everyday places. So often people think – well, if I could globetrek or photograph something really groundbbreaking, I would be more satisfied with my photos. Really, what it takes is the mentality to look at any scene and see it photographically.

    I’m no expert and mostly take photos of friends, family, and vacations for my own pleasure, but I’ve found that when I do really look hard at a scene and figure out what exactly it is that resonates with me (sometimes this takes seconds, sometimes much longer) I am then able to more appropriately choose a shot that emphasizes that aspect of the place.

  2. kuw_enginera says:

    love the place ,the green tea and the city ..

  3. kuw_son says:

    do they have home delivery 😛 !!?

    shawaqtnee !!

    is there any branches in kuwait 😛 ?

  4. عائشة says:

    الفكره حلوه

    قصة وصوره

    وهالكوفي شكله مميز
    يابويه هلعتنا

    أنا بروحي بموت وأسير نيويورك
    يعني أنا ماأحب امريكا بس نيويورك غير
    وأظن أول شي بدوره لا سرت هالكوفي شوب


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